2018 in Review: The Best Resources and OpenCart Extensions by iSenseLabs

Happy 2019!

With the best possible wishes for a successful new year, we want to take a moment to remember 2018 for what it was. One of the best years for the iSenseLabs team.

Time to take a brief look back into some of the highlights that brought us here.

View the best hits from our blog, YouTube channel and OpenCart extensions.

Let’s see the most popular content released by iSenseLabs about OpenCart in the past year. It now comes in different forms spanning over blog posts, infographics, step-by-step tutorials and videos.

Best OpenCart blog posts by iSenseLabs for 2018

The blog at iSenseLabs is always circling around OpenCart and you will always be able to find useful tips, answers, guides and information about building and growing your E-Commerce store. View some of the most popular posts for 2018 and subscribe to get them once per week.

OpenCart 3.1 is Coming Soon. What to Expect?

It’s been awhile since OpenCart was launched and now a lot of merchants have switched to the better customer and merchant experience in delivers. Soon, we will be able to see the new 3.1 release and you can learn more about what’s inside it in this blog post.

10 New OpenCart Themes for Best E-Commerce Design in 2018

For us, design is one of the biggest aids in building the bridges between merchant and customers. It’s why we frequently write about OpenCart themes and their strengths in making your E-Commerce store work and feel as it should to deliver an optimized customer flow.

OpenCart GDPR Compliance: Privacy Policy Updates for E-Commerce Merchants

2018 was the year when the General Data Protection Regulation came in and shook up the Internet more than Mark Zuckerberg’s congress hearing. No worries though, as this was one of the biggest highlights at iSenseLabs - releasing GDPR Compliance for all OpenCart merchants.

How to Manage an Affiliate Program in OpenCart 3.x

An affiliate is a person who helps your business grow by promoting products for you in return for a percentage of each sale you make with their help. This tutorial shows you how to start your affiliate program in OpenCart and open up a new way to increase your sales.

How to Setup PayPal Express Checkout Payments in OpenCart 3.x

PayPal is one of the most popular and simplest ways to get paid online. Enabling this will help your customers pay you easier and faster, which means more customers will be able to do that in your store. Something simple like that can help you boost your sales immensely.

How to Fix FacebookStore and Lift the 2,000 Likes Minimum Requirement

FacebookStore is one of the extensions in the iSenseLabs marketplace that helps you increase sales by letting you open up a shop at your Facebook business page. This article shows you how to lift the minimum requirement of 2,000 likes on your page to get FacebookStore running.

500 Internal Server Error in OpenCart: How to Find The Cause

Sometimes, getting an error can be infinitely confusing for a merchant who just setup their OpenCart. In some cases, the reason behind the error can be very simple and causes unnecessary panic. That’s why we decided to show you how to view what’s behind error 500.


Best OpenCart videos by iSenseLabs for 2018

Growing our YouTube channel came all thanks to you! We wanted to see if video tutorials will work out good for OpenCart store owners in educating them about setting up and growing their stores. It turned out to be a great choice and now the channel is watched by over 2,000 OpenCart merchants!

1. Getting Started with OpenCart 3.x


Building a store from scratch is really easy with OpenCart. Best of all it's a free E-commerce platform and you can build your online business with the hosting being your only expense. Learn how in this video!

2. Growing with OpenCart 3.x


OpenCart comes in different versions all having their unique differences. When your store is growing, it's only natural to keep it updated so you can use its full potential to your benefit. Follow the guide to learn how.

3. Tools to Help You Succeed


Your store will have its own needs about the tools to help your growth. It's important to know which ones work best so you can decide what toolset will help your business make a leap forward.


Best OpenCart extensions by iSenseLabs for 2018

Sometimes you need to complete an action in your store or add something new to boost the sales or improve performance. This is where the OpenCart modules come in. See what merchants think of the most used and popular OpenCart extensions for 2018.


"The NitroPack was just what I was looking for but I was also looking for good support - and you have provided it for me. Many thanks."

Boost the speed of your OpenCart store in favor of your customers and search engines. NitroPack continues to be the most popular OpenCart extension by iSenseLabs since it has already helped so many merchants reach the best possible speeds for their stores.

SEO Backpack

"Hi, support could not have been better. To the point and very helpful. Shame more companies were not like this. Keep up the great work!"

Improve your OpenCart ranking and search engine positions to get found easier. SEO Backpack includes all the tools you need to setup and optimize your site's SEO properties, meta data, keywords, links, H1 & H2 tags, and many more.


"I migrated my entire site from 1.5 to 2.0 in 20 hours last weekend and this module was a life saver. Awesome extension by an awesome team, highly recommended!"

Ensure the safe data import and export between stores in the least amount of time. ExcelPort helps OpenCart merchants with site migrations, data export and import, upgrading OpenCart versions and tons more. Export, edit and import tons of data in a flash.

GDPR Compliance

"This is the best extension that covers everything I need for GDPR! Their support is great, they replied ASAP and fixed a problem that I had immediately! Thanks! RECOMMEND!"

Protect your customer's data and become GDPR compliant in minutes. GDPR Compliance is one of our newest extensions for OpenCart and it became a favorite of the community in less than a year. Bring your store into compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation right now.


"Works great! The extension is also compatible with Pavothemes Themes!"

Discover what your store's data holds for you by connecting it with iAnalytics & Google Analytics. Learn all about your customers, their behavior and actions on your store and start building your audiences for more targeted marketing campaigns.


"I have this module installed for the last days. Works magic, guys on support helped me tune it perfectly. Anyone that has an e-shop makes a crime not having this module. Already I have many orders from customers that I reminded them of their left/forgotten shopping cart. Amazing!"

Increase your revenue by recovering carts abandoned by your customers. AbandonedCarts lets you automate email reminders to customers who left their checkouts unfinished so they can come back and complete their orders. A must for every online store.


"I like the product very much! Such great ROI ;)"

Grow sales with bundled products at discounted prices. ProductBundles gives your OpenCart store the ability to bundle together products and add discounts and promotions to your store for customers who want a great deal.

2018 is history. Thanks for making it worthwhile!

We wish you all the luck and success in 2019! These were some of the biggest highlights of last year and we cannot wait to see what the next one holds for us.

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