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The General Data Protection Regulation takes full effect on May 25, 2018. GDPR Compliance for OpenCart is an extension that lets you easily take control over your Privacy Policy and consent effort.

The purpose of GDPR is to unify the current data protection laws throughout the countries in the European Union and give more power to EU citizens to protect their personal information. With penalties of up to 4% of your turnover or 20 million EURO, our GDPR Compliance extension for OpenCart is the easiest way to stay compliant with the latest regulations.

Newsletter double opt-in - When the customer decides to subscribe to your newsletter, they will receive a message which will contain a link for confirmation of the subscription. This will be displayed as a 'double opt-in' event in the "Opt-In/Opt-Out" section. Works on regular registration, registration when checking out (tested with the default checkout) and by manually editing the newsletter settings from "Your Account". The template is also multi-lingual.
Custom Policy Link - Now you can select which page to be linked as a policy in the cookie consent bar. You can do that from the 'Cookie Consent Bar' tab in the admin panel of GDPR Compliance
Full multi-store support - Now supporting all of your stores in your multi-store environment
CSV export for the GDPR requests - The feature is located in the admin panel and the results can be filtered by the filter in the "Requests" tab.
CSV export for the policy acceptances - The feature is located in the admin panel and the results can be filtered by the filter in the "Policy Acceptances" tab.
CSV export for the opt-ins/opt-outs - The feature is located in the admin panel and the results can be filtered by the filter in the "Opt-In/Opt-Out" tab.
Manual customer deletion/anonymization - The "Right to be Forgotten" feature now is completely rewritten. As a store owner, you have bigger control over what will be deleted/anonymized. When the data will be removed from your store can also be specified. Additionally, you can add custom messages and also deny deletion requests. The customers will be notified (via email) when you decide whether you will honor or deny the request, and they will also be notified when the actual removal process takes place
Deletion Auto/Manual Processing - Added an option which can be used to switch between manual and automatic processing of deletion requests
Admin notification (via email) when a customer requests his/her data to be deleted/anonymized (active when the manual mode is selected)
Added newsletter opt-in/opt-out tracking - Implemented in customer registration and also in the "My Account" page. Can be enabled/disabled by the store owner. The "Opt-in/Opt-out" functionality can also be used from other, third-party modules as well. Check the "Integration with Third-Party Extensions.txt" file for more details.
Added newsletter opt-in/opt-out tracking - Implemented in customer registration and also in the "My Account" page. Can be enabled/disabled by the store owner. The "Opt-in/Opt-out" functionality can also be used from other, third-party modules as well. Check the "Integration with Third-Party Extensions.txt" file for more details.
Checkbox for privacy policy acceptance in the contact us form - this feature will be expanded over time for newsletter subscriptions and to other forms which require policy acceptance or opt-in/opt-out
SEO URL to the GDPR tools page - You can now specify a more user-friendly link to your GDPR tools page
Show a Button Which Reveals the Cookie Consent Bar - Allows you to display a small button, which can be used by your customers to change their cookie preferences at a later point.
Cookie Consent Bar - Completely reworked multi-lingual cookie consent bar which can be placed anywhere you want on your website and gives information on the type of cookies the site uses based on: Necessary cookies, Preferences cookies, Statistics cookies, Marketing cookies. The store owner can set the behavior of the bar upon users clicking on Close
Set the initial state of the Cookie bar - keep all cookies, block marketing, block analytics, block both
Data Rectification - Users can edit the personal data in their account
Data Portability - Users download their personal data, addresses, orders and GDPR requests
Access to Personal Data - Works for Guest and Registered Users. Users see the type of data your store keeps for them (including third-party services)
Right to be Forgotten - Users can remove all personal data from your store
Timestamp Date of Agreement - Keep information of the privacy policy or terms or conditions accepted by users.
GDPR Requests - Keep a list of all customer GDPR requests in your OpenCart admin panel.
Accepted Privacy Policy -Keep a list with all customers who accepted your Privacy Policy in your OpenCart admin panel.
Right to be Forgotten - Works for Guest and registered users. Specify the validity of the "Right to be Forgotten" request.
Access to Personal Data - Specify the validity of the "Access to Personal Data" request.
Footer Link - Link to your new GDPR tools in the OpenCart footer.
Dashboard Link - Link to your new GDPR extension in the OpenCart admin panel.
Journal 2 and 3 Compatible - Use the GDPR policy on your favorite themes.
Theme Fastor Compatible - Use the GDPR policy on your favorite themes.
Ajax Quick Checkout Compatible - Use the GDPR policy on your favorite checkout module.
Available languages - Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek , Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish
Active Google Analytics Blocking and Active Facebook Pixel Blocking
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    Download all available language packs for free. English, Dutch, Greek, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, Slovak, Bulgarian, Spanish, Swedish, Czech and many more! Download Language Packs

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    Premium Support

    By purchasing GDPR Compliance, you are entitled to 1 Year Premium Support that will get you up and going. You are also granted access to our ticket/feature request system and extension updates.

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Many thanks iSenseLabs for making this module! Especially for making it available to store owners with older versions of cart software (I have Opencart 1.5 and don't want to mess with updates.). The Hungarian language is also available, support is awesome, they tolerated my question "What is jquery, I've never heard of it?". :))) There were some little problems, but they dealt with them professionally. So, many thanks, it's the perfect solution for GDPR hype.

Arpi Padar, iSenseLabs UserJune, 2018

This is the best extension that covers everything I need for GDPR! Their support is great, they replied asap and fixed a problem that I had immediately! thanks! RECOMMEND!

Kostas Duke, iSenseLabs UserJune, 2018

I purchased this module, it is very well built. The technical support answered very quickly and professionally. Radoslav is very friendly and skilled. Thanks!

Marius, iSenseLabs UserJune, 2018

Great module. Thanks for support guys...

Abacomp, OpenCart UserJune, 2018

As always, quick and effective support. Great extension!

L2online, OpenCart UserJune, 2018

Bravo guys! I just want to say to any potential buyer that this team delivers and are fully committed to making this plugin the best GDPR plugin out there. This plugin rocks - well done, guys!

LourensN, OpenCart UserJune, 2018

Extremely good module. Developed at a high level and meeting all requirements. Developed by a team with a great professional. Always quick and effective support. Great extension!

Asti, OpenCart UserJune, 2018

So far so good! Does what it says on the 'Tin', For the amount of time and effort, it has saved me it is definitely worth the money. And's customer support is impeccable, far superior to any customer service I've witnessed before!

Ukaww, OpenCart UserJune, 2018

It's a good extension, works as it described, great support.

Tesdid, OpenCart UserJune, 2018

A great mod for helping make OpenCart GDPR compliant and takes a headache out of trying to do it yourself - Support work hard and fast to fix any issues. My site is heavily customized and I use a custom checkout, which this mod now works with, thanks to support for fixing it.

Charlie, OpenCart UserJune, 2018

Got this yesterday and installed it. Had a friend get it immediately as well. One very minor quirk (sometimes that happens when you get the fresh rollout) that was resolved by iSense very quickly. After iSense fixed mine I updated the file they fixed onto my friends' site so as not to have my friend submit a ticket and voila, perfect. Another example of fantastic work from them. Support is nothing short of the best, and their extensions work. Thanks, iSense, for another fantastic extension!

USCyber, OpenCart UserJune, 2018

Many thanks for the great product & superb communication. GDPR Compliance extension installed & worked perfectly on my site right away (OC Pavilion theme). Had one minor support item and it was handled promptly & professionally. Great Company, Great Extension!

K.B., OpenCart UserJune, 2018

Your support? THE BEST! Fast and clear!!! Good job man!

Antonio Grandinetti, webisland.itJuly, 2018