5 New Responsive Themes: The Best of OpenCart Design 2018

Modern and sleek design is all around us. Your online customers are being exposed to beautiful websites all over the place, and if your OpenCart store is giving them something to frown about... we've got bad news for you.

OpenCart themes are a great way to get your customers to perceive your online business as one that can be trusted.

New themes always pop up in the different marketplaces, so we decided to take a look around and take out a few of the newest OpenCart themes we could find.

We're eager to show you the themes we believe you need to seriously consider.

Even better, we will be updating this blog post with new OpenCart themes as we find new ones.


1 Anne

4.67 star rating. Anne is a freshly updated minimal OpenCart 3.x theme designed for online fashion stores.

The home page features a large slider with a call-to-action button and a navigation bar that looks excellent on mobile.

Anne has a lot of features built inside, like an elegant popup extension that greets new visitors and invites them to subscribe for the weekly newsletter.

  • Mega Menu
  • Buy Now Feature
  • One Page Checkout
  • Faceted Search (with Autocomplete)
  • Category Filters
  • Social Login



The category page is very clean and has a lot of useful features at the same time.

The filters include a price range and color options, as well as sizes and brands all wrapped up in a smooth design.

Anne’s category page is very simple to work with and delivers a pleasant shopping experience while you’re browsing for products you like.



The product page design features a large main product image with zoom on the left and the rest of the product details aligned to the right.

  • Product Options - selectable color and size options, instead of dropdowns. This allows faster selection of the required fields for an easier shopping experience.
  • CTA Buttons - the product page also features the Pre-Order and Buy Now functionalities.


This is wonderful for OpenCart merchants as the Pre-Order option gives customers a way to purchase products without stock statuses being an issue.

On the other hand, the Buy Now button leads customer straight to the checkout page after they click it. Fast and efficient.

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2 Handart

5.00 star rating. Released at the end of last year, Handart is quite the modern touch to the OpenCart theme landscape.

Originally intended for E-Commerce websites for artists and their craft, this theme can be applied to online stores from many different industries.

The responsive and modern home page features a large slider with a Shop Now button, followed up by banners for different product collections or promotions.

The minimal popup for your newsletter appears with a large Subscribe button when customers enter your store. Easy to opt in for your updates and easy to continue to your store.

  • Mega Menu & Mobile Menu
  • Blog
  • Product & Category Slider
  • Quick Product View
  • Back to Top
  • Custom Banners
  • Multi Language, Multi Currency



Handart has a comprehensive category page where you can browse all its subcategories and use tons of filters to find the products you’re looking for.

You can use the Price Filter to narrow down the price ranges and quickly sort through the products by their rating and labels for Sale, New, etc.



The product page in Handart blends together with the page header to create a more immersive experience for customers.

Your product images come with a zoom and a customizable product details section.

There is a lot of room to breathe between the different elements like the main product details, description, related products and subscription form.


The product page has two main accents - the product images and the Add to Cart button.

Makes everything look good and clean and easy to work with.

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3 Aboss

4.20 star rating. Aboss is presented as a sports and fitness theme, but it can easily fit into your OpenCart store whatever products you’re selling. It will simply make it better.

Your new home page will feature a beautiful brand logo slider, a large customizable banner slider and a minimal but very useful main navigation.

Again, first things first, new customers get greeted by the subscription form for your newsletter. Gotta grow that email list, right?

Next thing you know, after the beautiful header and slider images, you see three big trust badges for Free Delivery, Money Guarantee and Online Support. Not only that, but this OpenCart theme also includes:

  • Mega Menu
  • Customer Trust Badges
  • Category and Product Slider
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Product Labels
  • Blog


Aboss comes with a clean and beautiful category page featuring a main banner, perfectly aligned filters with a Price Range and additional banners plus quick view for products.

The moment a customer enters the category page, they instantly know what to do if they want to find a specific product or just narrow down the results to pick something they like.



A beautiful product page with a focus on the attractive product, the rest of the product images and the Add to Cart button.

Nothing too much, but just enough to find out everything you need to know about the item and quickly head to the checkout.


Aboss is a premium theme with a modern and trustworthy look that will set your store apart from any of your competitors. Definitely worth checking out right now if you’re looking for a change.

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4 Shoppy

4.15 star rating. Shoppy is a theme that has already been on the market but it just got its brand new update last month. It now features a much more modern feel and new features, including GDPR Compliance!

Now we’re talking about a marketplace theme for large OpenCart websites with tons of products. And to support that, Shoppy is strapped with all the layouts you need, as well as a lot of features to make your E-Commerce convert that traffic into sales.


We enter the home page and the subscription popup is on point. Clean and easy to complete.

Moving on, we have a lot of things we need to analyze. First, the mega menu features banners and product images for customers to use and get around your store faster.

The different theme layouts feature full-width sliders, some of them don’t, and this leaves room for additional elements, such as free shipping announcements.

  • Drag & Drop Customizable Mega Menu
  • Lazy Image Loading
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Page Builder
  • Live Search
  • Countdown Timer
  • Quick Product View
  • Social Login
  • One Page Checkout



Apart from all the products in a single category, you have a Daily Deal on top of the page, a promotion banner, below the search and filters and product labels for discounts and sales.

The different theme layouts include a Price Range filter, as well as a countdown timer on products that have limited time discounts running.



The product page of the Shoppy theme features an image zoom when hovering and the countdown timer is present if the product is part of the limited time deals.

Apart from that, it's a clean and customizable design that you can easily adapt to your preferences with the page builder.

Shoppy is a powerhouse of a theme that allows a magnitude of customization options. No matter what E-Commerce industry your OpenCart store is part of, you can be sure that this theme will definitely give your online business a healthy boost.

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5 Solve

5.00 star rating. The latest update for Solve came this month and it's fair to say it's one of our favorites. With its clean minimal design, large images and complete focus on what matters the most - your products.

The home page consists of a few important elements - a large full-width slider, featured products, trends, latest products, and a Browse by Category section.

  • Custom Theme Options
  • Fade Page Effect
  • Lazy Image Loading
  • Scroll animation
  • Image Zoom Feature
  • Previews for Sub-categories
  • Sticky Header
  • Sidebar for Search and Account Links


As in the home page, everything is focused on the large images in the category page as well. No distracting marketing materials or banners, no popups or a large mega menu.

Clean and simple. Category filter, category specific banner, lazy loading for the products as you scroll down and nothing but the product name and price.


Everything you need in a single product page. A large high-res image to nail your customer's attention, rating and a short description topped off by a bright and distinctive Add to Cart button.

The Latest Products section on the right give you more click-through rates from customers who are interested and make the entire product page have great conversion qualities.

A wonderful theme for OpenCart fashion stores that you shouldn't miss to check.

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Wrap up

These are some of the finest new OpenCart themes on the market in 2018. We will be adding new ones to this collection as time passes and we find new themes that we think OpenCart merchants should know about. Stay in touch!

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