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  • NitroPack - Complete Webstore Performance Optimization Framework
  • NitroPack - Complete Webstore Performance Optimization Framework
  • NitroPack - Complete Webstore Performance Optimization Framework
  • NitroPack - Complete Webstore Performance Optimization Framework
  • NitroPack - Complete Webstore Performance Optimization Framework
  • NitroPack - Complete Webstore Performance Optimization Framework
  • NitroPack - Complete Webstore Performance Optimization Framework
  • NitroPack - Complete Webstore Performance Optimization Framework
  • NitroPack - Complete Webstore Performance Optimization Framework
This product is not supported, please read the note below.

NitroPack is the most feature-rich speed product on the market. It is tightly integrated with Google PageSpeed Insights V4. It is designed to boost your page loading speed and improve the overall user experience. It can also improve your SEO results as search engines will be able to index your website easier due to the speed optimizations. 


NitroPack.IO is already here. It's a new cloud-based tool designed for the new Google PageSpeed Version 5 sophisticated requirements. It is created from the ground up for the new Google PageSpeed V5 working on the edge of its challenges. It does fast cloud-based auto-optimizations with hassle-free configuration. You can test it out and sign up for it on NitroPack.IO and shoot us an email at

Why are we doing it? Google recently launched a major Version 5 update of its Google PageSpeed testing tool. This V5 update uses Lighthouse as an engine which despite being different by concept and a much more versatile testing suite — it also uses low-powered devices to measure the scripts runtime and the painting time (see release notes). We had to start from scratch and create a tool for the new Lighthouse-based algorithm. While evaluating the way the new algorithm works, we discovered that proceeding with a self-hosted solution will not be feasible if you want to get a good result, hence a much better-optimized website. This is how we arrived at NitroPack.IO and opening it via connector extensions and API. We also attracted top talent and funded the new tool from world-class investors with solid web scalability expertise.

What happens with the existing self-hosted NitroPack extension? The existing NitroPack extension will still make your website faster and improve your Google PageSpeed score, but it will not necessarily get you an awesomely great Google score if measured from the new Google PageSpeed V5. Although the existing NitroPack extension will continue working as expected, we plan to cut technical support for it on March 5, 2020, as it will be obsolete for the new Google speed requirements by that time. All existing NitroPack users will be eligible to switch to NitroPack.IO, by getting a subscription fee waiver equal to the old license price paid.

Main Features:
  • Complete Framework Solution

    Complete Framework Solution

    NitroPack is a complete framework. Most cache tools on the market score well on some performance aims. However, NitroPack alleviates the need of purchasing, installing and setting up multiple extensions by bringing everything you will ever need to have a blazing fast OpenCart website in one place. NitroPack comes with 6 unique for the OpenCart market features. With more than 30 Premium Features, NitroPack is a perfect fit for Shared, Dedicated or Virtual Private Server.

  • Integrated Google PageSpeed Score V4

    Integrated Google PageSpeed Score V4

    One-stop-check your Google PageSpeed V4 straight from your NitroPack dashboard. View your low and high performing areas and improve them by following the Nitro automatic recommendation steps.

  • Plenty of Powerful Features

    Plenty of Powerful Features

    NitroPack features a custom made Page Cache, adjustable Gzip, JavaScript and CSS compression, Amazon CloudFront, CloudFlare CDN, CSS and JavaScript minification, powerful Browser and Proxy Cache, System Cache with plenty of features and settings under the hood.

  • Complete Makeover for Your OpenCart

    Complete Makeover for Your OpenCart

    Your OpenCart store will love NitroPack. With NitroPack, the minimized page serve time will be up to 5000 times faster, HTTP traffic up to 80% lower and your website overall performance - 30 times faster.

  • Hand Coded Premium Services

    Hand Coded Premium Services

    NitroPack offers one-click access to our bestselling and most requested customization services, guaranteed to increase your OpenCart store speed even further.

  • Increase Business Efficiency

    Increase Business Efficiency

    NitroPack helps you boost your page loading speed, which results into increasing your SEO and SEM. This will enhance your visitors user experience, increase your conversion rate, search engine rankings in Google PageRank, Bing and Yahoo Rankings. NitroPack works for increasing your OpenCart business efficiency.

  • Boost Sales

    Boost Sales

    After optimization with NitroCache, a visitor sees 30% more pages which raises the money they spend while shopping.

  • Journal Theme Compatible

    Journal Theme Compatible

    NitroPack is fully compatible with Journal OpenCart Theme.

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Great Extension. Trustworthy developers. I have purchased your module and have installed it successfully on our website

yatinjain, OpenCart UserAugust, 2016

Must say, that was one of the fastest reply I have ever received from any module developers. I would love to pay for the support if I need in future.

twhouse247, OpenCart UserFebruary, 2016

Incredibly good extension, excellent support.

Trendiga Möbler, OpenCart UserMay, 2015

Keep up the great work guys, 5 Stars well deserved. Kind regards

ardiniko, OpenCart UserMay, 2015

NitroPack is such a wonderful and amazing extension which will make you achieve your goal easily. I have used another very popular Cache extension as well and after using nitropack i can say that nothing can come even close to NitroPack. The intuitive interface and the functionality will make you feel that you have got more that what you have paid for. This extension will show you how hard working and serious the iSenselab team is. The support you all know about it. The integration is a super useful tool to smush you images. So go for it if you are a serious Business owner.

deshibesh, OpenCart UserJanuary, 2015

Having previously installed Page Speed by Tcalp and having failed to get the results I wanted, I turned to the team at iSense. I have to say the team at iSense is one of the best and most professional extension providers I have yet used. The results after installing this extension have been outstanding and throughout the process the people at iSense have monitored, assisted, responded (like lightening) and been absolutely tremendous. If you are looking for the edge in your OpenCart store then this module is without a doubt the best on offer. Rock n' roll optimisation from a star team. Thank you iSense. I will be back for further extensions from your firm. A++++++

nworthy, OpenCart UserDecember, 2014

Just bought and installed this extension. Works straight out of the box. No problems whatsoever. Also perfectly compatible with the Journal 2 template. Did just as in the enclosed instructions: disabled all other caching systems. For what I'm concerned an absolute must for all website owners running a heavily modded website with lots of products. Lots of options to explore so certainly more room to further tweak and improve my website.

psxgamer, OpenCart UserJanuary, 2015

Everything is working great thank you, all your programs always work so well, I trust them completely.

Leslie Cox, iSenseLabs UserOctober, 2016

As our web traffic increased and we had over 1000 products loaded ( we experience a website that become slower and slower by the day. We tried to optimize but still customers complained of a sluggish and sometimes even non responsive website. We started losing customers and were desperate. We contact iSenseLabs and they suggested using NitroPack. We were "amaaaaaazed" by the speed increase. Installation was easy. We asked iSenseLabs to looked at our server settings and the support was great ! Well done this is a great product for any store owner using OpenCart.

Johan Conradie, iSenseLabs UserMay, 2016

Great module for OpenCart 2 & journal theme. The support is very friendly and seems professional. They have some great free modules also. Keep up the good work Isenselabs :)

snappyfishuk, iSenseLabs UserApril, 2016

We use this extension since 1.5 years. Nitro Pack is great, now we have more than 85 score points from Google. This speed is great help for SEO ranking too, for a lot of keyword we get first place on Google. We love the absolute correct support too. Five star extension, thanks. :)

Szilárd Kun, iSenseLabs UserMarch, 2016

Thank you for your help. We are very happy with the quick response and the way you solved the problem. Thanks.

Patrick van Birgelen, DeSchotelShop.nlDecember, 2016

I am very satisfied with the great support. It's not simple to buy software, but support is most important for deciding to choose and buy software. And your company is doing that great. Will come back for other plugins.

Ray, spiruella.shopDecember, 2016

Thank you your support was great from the start everything required was resolved quickly without any problems or downtime. Thank you to the team. Merry Christmas!

Hiren Chohan,, 2016

The NitroPack was just what I was looking for but I was also looking for good support - and you have provided it for me. Many thanks. I've been working with Ivailo Hristov. He has been most helpful and patient with me, and responsive. The NitroPack module I considered was relatively expensive however it is a complex module and the support that you are providing offsets the cost and I'm very happy with the overall value that you provide. Thank you. Anyway, it is near the end of the year so I wish you and your staff a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Kevin Bean,, 2016

Your support team was outstanding, they responded immediately and fixed the issue in no time. Thank you very much!

Assen Antonov, www.b-bikes.comFebruary, 2017

Your support has been very good - one of the best. It is a deciding factor who I will buy from in the future. Keep up the good work. Many thanks.

Kevin Bean, Toner1February, 2017

I loved your support it was fast and effective! Thank you!

Zoltan Csajbok, heverde.huMay, 2017

The Nitro Pack module has been very excellent for my website, and I very happy to have purchased such a great module. I think your Team have done an outstanding job in producing it. My website loads much faster, my images have been compressed yet are still clear. I will definitely look in the future at purchasing other products from your team.

Arfan Malik,, 2017

Awesome Support... I left a great feedback at OpenCart community! check out there too guys! I will always recommend it to others out there! keep it up! Great support!

Dhyogo Azevedo, jonnysbazar.comSeptember, 2017