Products By Sector

Get hand-picked product recommendations depending on your eCommerce sector

Art and Culture

Create an artistic feel that showcases the products in your art & culture store to captivate your customer’s imagination.

Animals and Pets

Running a pet store means you need to have the trust of your customers that their pets are in good hands and will receive the best treatment and products.

Design and Photography

Contains suggestions for Design and Photography eCommerce stores.

Education and Books

Contains suggestions for Education and Book eCommerce stores.

Business and Services

Contains suggestions for Security, Agriculture, Antique, Industrial, Maintenance, Media, Tobacco, Business Services and Wholesale.

Cars and Motors

Contains suggestions for Cars and Motorcycles eCommerce stores.

Computers and Internet

Contains suggestions for Hosting, Software and Computers eCommerce stores.


Contains suggestions for Mobile, Video, Audio and Electronics eCommerce stores.

Entertainment, Games and Nightlife

Contains suggestions for Entertainment, Games and Crafts eCommerce stores.

Home and Family

Contains suggestions for Interior and Furniture, Family and Tool and Equipment eCommerce stores.

Fashion and Beauty

Contains suggestions for Wedding, Fashion, Beauty, Jewelry, Linen and Lace and Uniforms eCommerce stores.

Food and Restaurant

Contains suggestions for Cafe, Restaurant, Food and Drink and Brewery eCommerce stores.

Holiday, Gifts and Flowers

Contains suggestions for Holiday, Gifts and Flowers eCommerce stores.


Contains suggestions for Ambulance, Optic/Sunglasses, Drug Store, Nutrition Store and Medical Equipment eCommerce stores.

Real Estate

OpenCart extensions suggestions for clients running Real Estate eCommerce stores.

Society and People

Contains suggestions for Politics, Religious and Military eCommerce stores.

Sports, Outdoor and Travel

Contains suggestions for Sports and Travel eCommerce stores.

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