OpenCart 3.1 is Coming Soon. What to Expect?

OpenCart 3.1 is coming soon! The Alpha version is already available for download in the official OpenCart website so merchants and developers can get familiar with it.

Before we dive into the new features about to be revealed in OpenCart 3.1, let’s take a look back at the last launch.

Throwback to the OpenCart 3.0 Launch

Good times.

So, first stop, a couple of things about OpenCart extensions.

We installed one of our modules in the new test store and noticed a few updates.

  • Summernote replaced with CKEditor
  • Updated to jQuery 3.3.1
  • Updated to Bootstrap 4.0.0

This will require updates to all OpenCart modules. Merchants, give developers some time to make your tools compatible. Developers, you know what to do. ;)

Okay, we got this out of the way. Now, let’s get in to the new stuff!

OpenCart Upgrade

Upgrading OpenCart will be done in the Dashboard!

OpenCart 3.1 Upgrade

Fingers crossed, this will make upgrading the OpenCart system much easier and require less developer intervention. Let’s take a look at what we have…

Check Latest Version

The first tab lets you know about the latest available version of OpenCart so you know if your store is up to date.

OpenCart 3.1 Extensions Compatibility


Second tab is about your extensions, displaying whether you have pending updates for all your OpenCart modules.

If everything is up to date, hit Continue!

OpenCart 3.1 Upgrade System

Upgrade System

When you’re all set, you hit the Start button and watch as OpenCart updates itself. All the changes and files are logged in the field below.

This is a really important new feature in OpenCart that eliminates the need to go through the upgrade process manually.

Even though we simplified it in a video tutorial, the entire updating process can still be a bit confusing for some users since no two setups are the same.

Native CRON Jobs

OpenCart 3.1 introduces a new Cron Jobs section in your Extensions. These are the scheduled tasks that run periodically and are setup in your server.

Usually, Cron Jobs are used by OpenCart extensions that send emails that need to run automatically at a specified time and date.

OpenCart 3.1 Cron Jobs

All the CRON jobs in OpenCart extensions can now be collected in a single separate folder and the new Cron Jobs section will allow their status to be enabled or disabled.

CKEditor is Back

Summernote is being replaced with the CKEditor and as you may notice, it has much more formatting options for the content in your product pages, information pages or any pages where you need to add written content.

OpenCart 3.1 Text Editor

This is why OpenCart developers will need to go over their extensions again and update them with the CKEditor in mind.

Product Options

Easier access for all product options.

OpenCart 3.1 Product Options

Your Product Options are now located in the Catalog menu. They are no longer accessible via the individual product editing section.

This is where you can access, edit and update all of the product options you have created in your OpenCart store.

You can filter by product and option, find the item you want to edit and begin modifying the different product variants.

Product Image Editor

Another change can be seen in the product editing section where you upload your product images.

OpenCart 3.1 Product Images

The interface is now different and you can upload, edit, clear or remove all the product images faster and easier.

UI & Tooltip Improvements

The OpenCart admin panel is changing for the better.

OpenCart Admin Tooltips

You no longer need to look for the details and instructions on what each setting means and what it does.

It’s a small yet quite convenient step forward to easier user experience and interaction with your admin panel.

Other changes include the way your Yes / No toggles look in the OpenCart settings.

OpenCart Toggles

Can't Wait to See the Official OpenCart 3.1

This is not yet the complete release of OpenCart 3.1 and it's possible that we are yet to see even more changes to the system. Let us know what you think so far and what would you like to see included in the new OpenCart version.

Download OpenCart 3.1 Alpha

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