How to Fix FacebookStore and Lift the 2,000 Likes Minimum Requirement

Facebook recently changed their API, which meant that only people who have more than 2,000 fans on their business page can add the Shop tab in their brand's social profile.

While these are not necessarily bad changes, they kind of put the small start up store on a budget in an unfavourable position.

Unfortunately, just as a user/partner/developer, we don't have much control over this and have to obey the rules.

Still, we are happy to say that we have created a workaround for our users, which basically means that there are a few more steps you need to do in order to have Facebook Store in your Facebook page.

And yes, you don't need to have 2,000 likes if you follow the instructions. 

Step #1

Log in to your personal Facebook profile and find our new profile.

Now click the Add Friend button.

This would essentially send us (iSenseLabs) a friend request (since this is our profile). Mind that we need to confirm your friend request first (it might take up to 24 hours, so please be patient).


Step #2

Once your friend request is accepted by our profile, go to your Facebook business page and click on Settings.


Step #3

Go to the tab called Page Roles.


Step #4

Go to Assign a New Page Role.

You will need to add our Mihail Stoichev account as an admin in your business page.

Once you're there, select the account "Mihail Stoichev" with a role Admin and click on Add.

Once you do this, you would be able to add the Shop tab automatically just like you could before the new Facebook API update.

In case you are wondering what is the logic behind these steps, the Mihail Stoichev profile is registered as a Developer account for the Facebook Developers program and by giving it access to your Facebook Page, you are whitelisting the FacebookStore app and thus removing the minimum requirement of 2,000 likes for you to have a Facebook store using our OpenCart extension.

Important: Please mind that we are already working shoulder to shoulder with Facebook in order to whitelist FacebookStore, so you don't have to follow these instructions. However, this is the fastest solution we can provide in order to keep your Facebook sales going.

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