Create Amazon Style Discount Bundles

  • ProductBundles - Create Amazon Style Discount Bundles
  • ProductBundles - Create Amazon Style Discount Bundles
  • ProductBundles - Create Amazon Style Discount Bundles
  • ProductBundles - Create Amazon Style Discount Bundles
  • ProductBundles - Create Amazon Style Discount Bundles
ProductBundles is a MUST for anybody who loves cross-selling. First designed and implemented by Amazon, there isn't anyone who will be able to resist your offer for bundle buy of products. Everyone has done it. You go to buy a book and you end up with 5 books and a DVD. The module will allow you to select products and pack them with a bundle. The bundles display once you one open a product page. Customers are able to instantly see the bundle and the savings that the special price will bring them. Fastest way to making more sales.

Main Features:

✯ Set and Go. Bundle Products your way – Add 2,3,4 or more products in a bundle discount, choose display position and you are good to go.
✯ Easy create unlimited number of bundles – ProductBundle allows you to create unlimited number of bundles. Psst, you can also feature the same product in as many bundles as you want.
✯ Display bundles on any page – Product page, category page, you name it. ProductBundles allows you to display bundles on any page of your OpenCart Store.
✯ SEO friendly bundle name – Each bundle can have its own character. ProductBundles allows you to set an unique name to every bundle. This feature is also multi-lingual so you can set it in more than 1 language
✯ Build bundles with character – Customize bundle display preferences featuring wrapping bundles in widgets, how many bundles you want per widget, default or random display, bundle dimensions and more.
✯ Ability to filter the bundles in the admin panel
  • Get Going in 3 Steps

    Get Going in 3 Steps

    Select products you want to add, choose bundle details and select display layout.

  • Show Random Bundles

    Show Random Bundles

    Display existing bundles randomly on the layouts where the module is enabled. Never miss a page without a bundle. The random feature will be displayed only on pages with no associated bundles.

  • Multi-lingual Display Message

    Multi-lingual Display Message

    Introduce bundles in the language you want to target your users.

  • Works With All Theme Checkouts

    Works With All Theme Checkouts

    ProductBundles is following the default OpenCart functionality to apply discounts in the shopping cart, which makes it also compatible with all third-party checkout modules in the marketplace.

  • Set Pictures' Dimensions

    Set Pictures' Dimensions

    Depending on your unique needs ProductBundles allows you to set your custom image weight and height.

  • Premium Support

    Premium Support

    By purchasing ProductBundles, you are entitled to 1 Year Premium Support that will get you up and going with the module. You are also granted access to our ticket/feature request system as well as to module updates, current promotions, special bundles etc...

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You got it working! Thank you for great customer service. I see now it was just a setting in the admin I did not know about.

niora, OpenCart UserMay, 2015

I like the product very much! Such great ROI ;)

Kokomplokos, iSenseLabs UserSeptember, 2016

The support was really nice and timely. It's really appreciated.

Neeraj, silvermushrooms.comNovember, 2016

Your support is awesome. I only would like some quicker answers from the support team, but other than that AAA support. ;) Keep up the good work!

Athanasios Theodorou, mygad.grMay, 2017

After more than one year of using IsenseLabs extensions and specially after implementing IsenseLabs OPENCART ProductBundles version 4.1 I must specify that the sophisticated products and the documentations together with an excellent service gave to SHOPCALL a very high added value.

Leah,, 2017