Free Guide on All You Need To Know About Updating Your OpenCart Store

Continuing with the series of free guides (first post on How To Get Up to 4x Faster Support here), comes something we get asked a lot, which is "How do I upgrade my OpenCart store". In this guide we go through all the information you need to consider before going for an update. There are 5 main points when considering an update/upgrade:


Free OpenCart Guide on Effective Bug Reporting

Free Guide to Mastering Project Specifications for OpenCart

Free Guide to Refined Module Specifications for OpenCart

What you would learn:

1. The importance of choosing a design and what choices I have overall
2. Which modules I am going to keep and where to find them
3. What are modifications and should I keep those?
4. Managing third party shipping and payment gateways
5. Porting my data from the old store to the new store

Bonus: OpenCart 2.x requires PHP version 5.4+ so I need to make sure my hosting supports this.

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