iSenseLabs Internal Guide to Mastering Project Specifications for OpenCart

This is the last free guide from our series of Free Guides for the OpenCart community. This guide is about all the details about starting an eCommerce site. It gives different pieces of advice and tactics on how to minimize your project costs while achieving maximum results, utilize the OpenCart modules and themes eco-system as many more.


Free Guide on How To Get Up to 4x Faster Support

Free Guide on All You Need to Know About Updating Your OpenCart Store

Free Guide to Refined Module Specifications for OpenCart

Here are a bit more details on what you get:

What you will learn:

1. What to look for before starting out
2. Writing a project overview
3. The importance of project specifications
4. Cost-saving Module and design specific hacks + how to write specifications like a pro.
5. Putting yourself in the shoes of the user. How to nail module requirements.
6. Payment and Shipping Gateways eco-system

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