The Ultimate Guide to Refined Module Requirements for OpenCart

Continuing with the series of free guides (first post on How To Get Up to 4x Faster Support here) and (second post All You Need To Know Before Upgrading Your OpenCart to The Latest Version) comes something we also get asked a lot, which is hey I have this great module idea. How much it would cost to build it. In this guide we will explore all the right questions you need to answer yourself before going for custom module development. We will also share some tactics on how to check whether the module you want to build is not build already as well as how to go about structuring an action plan:


iSenseLabs Internal Guide to Mastering Project Specifications for OpenCart

All You Need to Know About Updating Your OpenCart

OpenCart Guide to Effective Bug Reporting

What you will learn:

1. Where to check if the module you want to create is already developed
2. How to put all your requirements in one document
3. Creating a project brief
4. Drafting store specifics
5. Front-end module requirements
6. Back-end module requirements

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