OpenCart Guide to Effective Bug Reporting

Recently we were discussing a topic with Martin, from MultiMerch and he asked us to share some info about our company processes. Usually companies put these for internal use only and keep these behind closed doors, however, I believe that it would be beneficial for the whole community to share a few documents we have created to improve the communication, culture and most importantly save clients time. 

In this first guide we will be sharing a few tips tips that we learned over the years which have to do with clients reporting bugs.


Free Guide on Refined Module Requirements for OpenCart

Free Guide on All You Need to Know About Updating Your OpenCart Store

Free Guide to Refined Module Specifications for OpenCart

Your clients will learn:

1. How to effectively explain what the problem is (+ example)
2. How to use screenshots and video (+ examples and resources)
3. How to unclutter correspondence or why it is always good to open new issues in new threads (+ example)
4. Why store specifics matter for the developer/support team

Developers will benefit:

1. Less initial back and forth communication. More time for development and product polishing
2. Faster case resolution and happier clients
3. Setting company standards 

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