OpenCart 3.x System Settings Configuration PART 1 (General & Store)

Video transcript:

Hey there, welcome to our new video tutorial.

Today, we begin the overview of the System Settings in OpenCart 3. This is part one and we will follow up with 5 more videos to cover all the settings in enough detail.

In this video, you will learn about the first couple of tabs called General and Store.

Let’s start. Go to System and then click Settings.

If you have multiple stores on your OpenCart 3 installation, they will appear here.

Hit the Edit button on your store.

The first tab is called General.

You will see the Meta Title field at the top. This is where you should set the name of your store and a few keywords. You will see it appearing in the browser tab here.

Next is the Meta Tag description, which shows up in the Google search results.

The Meta Tag Keywords field is used to enter all of the keywords that are related to your business.

Next is the Theme field. You can choose between different store themes if you have installed any new ones.

Last is the Default Layout field. If you want to assign the modules from other layouts to your home page, this is where you select the layout you want to use.

Now, time for the second tab - Store.

This is where you set your basic store settings, like your store name, store owner name and store address.

Below those details is where you enter your Geocode.

Next is the admin email that your store is connected with. This is the email address that will receive all admin notifications.

Underneath you should add a telephone number where customers can get in touch with you.

The image you can add here will appear in your Contact Us page next to the store details you configured above.

Click the empty image, then edit, and then select the image you want to add. We will use a random image from the manager.

Now it’s time to list your working hours. This can either be the working hours of a physical store, or the time when customers can contact you for support.

We will enter Monday to Friday from 10AM to 8PM.

The final field is for any additional comments you might want your customers to know.

For instance - dogs allowed.

When you’re finished - click Save.

Now to the storefront.

Refresh the page and go to your Contact Us page. The link is located in the Customer Service footer menu.

As you see, these are the details we just configured in the admin.

You have the image... store name... address... phone number... opening times... and comments.

So, that’s all for Part one of the system settings in OpenCart 3. Stay tuned for Part two, where we will show you the Local tab.

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