How to Add an Instagram Shoppable Feed in OpenCart

Introducing Instagram Shop Gallery! The new OpenCart extension by iSenseLabs!

You can now add a hashtag gallery to your store, assign your products to Instagram images and display them on your home page and and main navigation.

Let’s show you how to set it all up.

Start by enabling your Instagram Shop Gallery and entering the hashtag you want to use to display images on your store.

For example, #iphone.

All the recent images on Instagram with that hashtag will appear below. Now you can select the ones you like, approve them and add your products.

At the top we have the Instagram user detail of the person who shared the photo so we can make it easier to connect with your customers.

Select Yes to approve the post for your store and add the product you want to display with the image. We also have an option to auto-assign photos without moderation.

Let’s approve a few more. You can add multiple products to the same image and they will all appear with a slide effect.

All the images you approve are logged in your extension and you can edit them by selecting Saved Photos here.

Great! Now let’s create the module for our home page.

Start with the title. This will be displayed in the storefront.

Enable the status and select the photos you want to display.

Just like we mentioned earlier, You can show all photos, the approved ones, the ones with a product, or the approved photos with an assigned product.

Next, select the number of photos you want to display in the homepage module. We’ve select 5 so the last one can be the Extra Image.

The extra image is one that you upload and can be anything you want.

For our example, we’ve placed an image that will show our Instagram profile.

We will also link to our profile in the image link field below.

Neat, right?

Let’s save and see the store front.

Remember that the module should be assigned to a layout so it can be displayed in your store.

And here is the Instagram Shop Gallery in our OpenCart homepage!

All the photos we just approved are here and this is how the products look when customers are viewing the Instagram posts.

Clicking add to cart adds them straight to the shopping cart. If the product comes with options, the add to cart button will lead customers to the product page so the desired options can be selected.

Finally, the last image is the one we used to link our Instagram profile. Beautiful.

Last, let’s show you how to add the Instagram Shop Gallery as a new page in your main store navigation.

Hit the Page tab in the extension.

We start with a title again. This will be the link title displayed in the navigation.

Enable the status… enable the link to the main navigation… and select the photos you want the page to display.

You have the same options as with the module for the homepage.

Again, set the number of Instagram posts you want to display in the page.

You can also select a banner for the page that will appear on top.

Use the banner to link to your Instagram profile or any pages you want customers to see.

Since this is a new page in your store, you have SEO options for the meta title, description, keywords and URL.

Let’s hit save and go see our new page!

And this is it.

Here’s the title, your banner, and all the Instagram photos you want to display in your store.

From here on, you can start getting creative.

Encourage your customers to buy products, share them on Instagram with your hashtag and feature them on your OpenCart store!

A fun and profitable way to connect and engage with your customers using Instagram and back your products up with social proof that customers use them and feel happy with your store.

Let us know what you think! Give us a like and subscribe to our channel for more videos, OpenCart extensions and tutorials.

Thanks for watching!

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