How to Setup Square Payments in OpenCart (FREE)

Hi and welcome to our new OpenCart tutorial. Today we’ll help you setup the free Square extension in your OpenCart store.

First step is to log into your Square account. If you don’t have one yet, you can create it at squareup dot com.

After logging in, go to the Developer Portal on the right of your dashboard.

Hit the Create a new application button.

Give your application a name of your choice… for instance, it can be your store URL.

Now create your application.


Before we continue, it’s time to setup the Square extension in your OpenCart store.

After you have uploaded your extension, go to Extensions and then Payments. Scroll down until you find the Square extension and hit Install.

Now click edit. These are your Square extension settings. Now let’s configure these connection details.

Go back to your new Square application.

Copy your Application ID and paste it here.

After that, go to the OAuth tab and click the Show button to see your application secret.

Copy the secret and paste it here.

So far so good! Just a couple more steps.

Now, copy the Redirect URL from this field… and paste it in the field in your OAuth settings.

Now click Save.

Go back to OpenCart and copy your Webhook URL. Go back to Square and hit the Webhooks tab. Enable the Webhooks and paste the URL here.

Click save and you’re almost done!

The last step is to show your signature key and copy it.

Now just paste it in this field in OpenCart and hit Connect.

And finally, the app will request your login details to successfully connect OpenCart to your Square account.

All done! Congratulations!

Now you can Enable your OpenCart extension status and hit save.

You might get this notification so you can confirm when you have set your CRON settings in this checkbox.

And this is how you connect your Square account with your OpenCart store!

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Thanks for watching!

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