Abandoned Cart Recovery for OpenCart - How to Reduce Lost Sales

Hey and welcome to our new video. Today, we focus on your OpenCart checkout. More specifically, how to get customers who abandoned their carts to come back and complete their orders.

7 in 10 online shoppers tend to leave their carts, so it’s important to know that recovering your lost carts successfully will bring you tons of sales.

Let’s observe an example of normal online shopper behavior… they enter your store, search for the products they want and add them to their cart one by one.

Once they have everything in the cart, they continue to the checkout.

They enter their information and just a second before confirming the order… they think twice. Or something distracts them. Or your shipping costs are unexpectedly high. Whatever the reason, they head to the close button.

But don’t worry, this is not over.

There is a way to turn that incomplete shopping experience into a successful conversion.

A simple cart recovery email with a catchy subject line, the right timing and even a small discount to make the offer worthwhile.

Let’s show you how to send abandoned cart recovery emails in OpenCart and setup the remarketing automation so your store brings back those sales for you.

The extension we’re using is called Abandoned Carts and you can get it in the OpenCart marketplace or at iSenseLabs dot com.

So, the customer who just left the macbook and camera in their cart is logged here. In the abandoned carts tab.

You can see their personal information like name and email address… The items they left… When they came in and left… The last page they visited… And their IP address.

Let’s send the customer an email. Click this button to begin and select an email template.

At the top, you see the basic customer information - email, name and phone number.

Below, you can select the type of discount you want to embed in the email - percentage or fixed amount.

Let’s stick with the default settings for now and go with the 10% discount. No required cart total and 7 days discount validity.

We’ll apply discount only to the products in the cart and enable free shipping as an additional incentive.

As an additional convenience to ease the customer, we won’t require them to be logged in to complete their order.

Moving down, you see the email subject and template.

You know how important the subject line is for an email. You can use the short codes to personalize the subject for the customer using their first or last name.

The template can be customized and you can change it to anything you want. For instance, we will remove the part about the minimum order total since it’s not required now.

The most important part of your email should be the cart recovery link. It’s generated using this short code.

Clicking this link will lead the customer straight to their cart with the products still there waiting for them.

And the email is sent!

There it is, in the customer’s inbox. Inside we see the products, the discount code and their cart recovery link.

They can get their discount, copy the code and continue to the checkout with a better deal.

All their information is there and all they need to do is Confirm their order now.

Boom! The cart is successfully recovered and you just got a new sale.

How great is that?

Back in your OpenCart admin, the new order is logged in your extension.

So, you can use Abandoned Carts to create unlimited email templates, set their timing and customize the special deals that will encourage your customers to finish their orders.

The scheduled tasks let you the recovery emails to send automatically and the statistics show you the most used coupons and the results from your abandoned cart remarketing campaigns.

Cart abandonment is a global problem for E-Commerce brands and extensions like Abandoned Carts are absolutely essential to keep your sales high.

So! Get the extension, and experiment with different templates, timing and offers. One of the best and simplest ways to sell more with OpenCart.

We hope this video was helpful! Subscribe to our channel to get more OpenCart growth tips and ideas and most of all…

Thanks for watching!

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