How to Moderate Product Reviews in OpenCart 3.x

Video transcript:

Hello there, welcome to our new OpenCart 3 Tutorial. This time, you will be learning about the product reviews in OpenCart 3.

The reviews your customers submit are located in a separate tab in your product pages. It’s next to the Description right here.

When customers begin submitting reviews for your products, you will notice it in the rating underneath the Add To Cart button.

This is how the review form looks like. Customers can leave their name, review and rating.

Let’s give an example.

We enter a name… and a review for the iPhone.

After that we give our 5 star rating and click continue.

The green notification lets us know that it’s submitted for approval to the administrator.

Let’s see how to manage the customer reviews from the admin panel.

Go to your dashboard and click on catalog. Then select reviews.

We can see the review we just submitted as well as two other reviews.

Let’s click the edit button on one of them and see what’s inside.

So, this is the review management section.

You can see the name of the customer, the product, the review itself, as well as the rating and the date when it has been submitted.

At the bottom is the field that lets you enable or disable the review and determine whether it will show on the product page. Let’s enable the review and click save.

We’ll do the same with the review we just submitted for the iPhone.

Click the edit button and then enable the review.

Head to the storefront and refresh the page.

You can see that there are now two reviews for the iPhone.


Let’s check out the other product review we enabled, the one for the camera.

As you can see, products with reviews display their new rating in the category page before you open them.

This helps customers focus their attention on the higher rated products in your store and influences their purchasing decisions.

Open the product and go to the Reviews tab.

There’s the review we enabled in the admin panel earlier.

But let’s say that you don’t want the review to appear. Or even worse - the review is SPAM.

Head over to the admin panel. Instead of just disabling the review, let’s just delete it.

Select the entry and click the Delete button.

Head to the storefront and refresh the page.

The review and rating are now gone.

This is important for you to follow because you don’t want SPAMMY reviews in your store.

And one last thing. You can enable and disable reviews entirely from your store settings.

Go back to the admin panel and click on System. Select settings and click Edit on your store.

Go to the option tab.

There is a section called reviews with two fields.

Allow reviews will enable or disable the function entirely. If you select No, customers will not be able to leave reviews on your products.

The next field is Allow Guest Reviews. Selecting No will restrict guests from leaving reviews, which means that only registered customers will be able to comment on your products.

So, this is all there is about the reviews in OpenCart 3. We hope this was useful!

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