How to Manage Manufacturers in OpenCart 3.x

Video transcript:

Welcome to another OpenCart 3 video tutorial. This time, you will learn about the Manufacturers.

Manufacturers in OpenCart are displayed in the product pages. There is a field called brands in every product and it sits right here under the Product name.

Clicking the manufacturer name will display all of their products in your store.

The brands can also be seen in the footer of your store. Scroll down and find the Extras column.

The first link is called Brands. Click it and you will see all the brands in your store listed alphabetically. This way, customers can sort products by their preferred manufacturer.

Let’s explain how manufacturers are configured in the admin panel.

Go to your dashboard and open your catalog. Then click on Manufacturers.

This is where you edit, create and delete the brands in your OpenCart store.

Let’s add a new manufacturer.

As you see, it’s quite simple.

Enter the brand’s name.

Select whether it will be assigned to multiple stores if you’re running a multistore setup.

Upload the brand logo.

And if you want, give it a sort order number for defining its place among other brands in the admin and storefront.

That’s all for the General tab. Go to the SEO tab now.

The keyword will be the one that your store will use for the SEO URL of the manufacturer page.

If the manufacturer name contains more than two words, use a hyphen instead of space.

When you’re done, hit the save button.

There’s our new manufacturer in the admin panel.

Let’s assign the new brand to one of the test products in our store so we can see the change in the storefront.

Head to the products section and choose an item.

Click edit and then open the Links tab.

The first field is called Manufacturer and it’s where you need to enter the name of the brand you just created.

Click Save and head to the storefront.

Find the product you just edited and open it.

There’s our new manufacturer.

So, that’s all!

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Thanks for watching!

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