How to Install a Theme in OpenCart 3.x

Video transcript:

Hello and welcome to our new video tutorial. This time around, you’ll learn how to install a theme in your OpenCart 3 store.

If you’re not sure where to find a theme, try looking in the OpenCart or ThemeForest marketplaces, or the TemplateMonster website. You will find the links in the description below.

And now, the installation.

Step One: Download the OpenCart template of your choice. For our example, we will use the popular Journal theme.

Step Two: After downloading the archived file, unzip it and launch an FTP client. In our case - we are using FileZilla.

Open your OpenCart root installation and transfer the 4 files from your theme - admin, catalog, image and system.

They need to replace the existing ones.

Step Three: Go to your OpenCart admin panel and enter Extensions > Extensions and select Modules from the dropdown.

You will see the Journal 2 extension in the module list. Hit the install button.

Then, go back to the dropdown and click on Themes.

Hit edit and select Journal 2 in the theme directory field. Click the save button and you’re all done!

Head to the storefront and you will see the new theme is now activated.

You can control the journal theme from their own dashboard in your OpenCart admin panel.

And that’s it! Easier than expected, right?

You’re now ready to start customizing your store with your brand new theme.

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