[iSenseLabs Weekly 47] New OpenCart Features & Fixes, Video Tutorials and Latest E-Commerce News

The holidays are almost here and the Christmas spirit is strong in the labs. This is the last iSenseLabs weekly post for 2016 and we are excited to bring you the updates.

With this, we would like to wish you all happy holidays and an exciting New Year’s Eve!

NitroPack 2.5.4 (OC 2.0.x to 2.3.x) & 1.8.4 (OC 1.5.2.x to 1.5.6.x)

New feature: Add support for Redis as database cache engine

Improvement: Add support for Bulk Product X-tra

Improvement: Add support for all optional HTML tags in the DOM Parser

Improvement: Add an option to remove the base CSS when the complete styles are loaded

Improvement: In the browser class add support for location redirects which do not include the host

Improvement: Do not require jQuery for the page cache widget

Bug fix: Minification right column UI fixed

Bug fix: Fix an issue in the cron pre-cache functionality

Bug fix: Fix an issue in the browser cache

Promotions 1.0 (OC 1.5.4.x to 1.5.6.x)

Initial version for OpenCart 1.x

FacebookStore 1.1 (OC 1.5.4 to 1.5.6)

Bug fix: SSL links

TieredGifts 2.2.2 (OC 2.0.x to 2.3.x)

New feature: Show a message if the customer is not eligible for any gifts

SocialDiscounts 2.4.7 (OC 2.0.3.x to 2.3.x)

Bug fix: The module widget is shown correctly on the multilingual setup.

Bonus Section: Our Favorite Articles of the Week

“Mirage Content" Is The Reason Your Company Blog Isn’t Generating Leads

By Grow & Convert

A blog post that can generate leads and make users take action can have many forms. But an inexperienced writer who does not give real examples and enough specifics on the subject cannot really hope for achieving any lead generation. But that’s nothing to fear because everything comes with experience.

10 Signs Your Customer Service Probably Sucks

By Helprace

How does your customer service appeal to your customers? Are you only hearing negative feedback from users? Do they bother giving you their suggestions and ideas for how you can improve? There are some things you should look for in the response to your customer service that will show you the direction in which you need to move.

How to Double Your E-Commerce Sales in Months? QooQee Did it with OpenCart

By iSenseLabs

QooQee is a design agency that develops tools for Adobe Muse. They have a pretty interesting story and quite the unique OpenCart store where they sell their digital products. What’s more interesting is the rapid growth in sales they experienced with the open-source platform. Don’t miss this awesome success story.

iSenseLabs Videos

How to Use The Layouts in OpenCart 2.3.x

Pick of the Week

Ego Icons is an awesome source for free vector icons for coders and designers. They are quite unique and the range features thousands of beautiful icons. Check them out!

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