How to Speed Up an OpenCart Website with Tons of Products

How to boost the speed of an E-Commerce OpenCart website that has tons of products? What is the most popular web performance optimization tool for OpenCart?
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How to Install Themes in OpenCart 2.3.x?

June 19, 2017
A quick and budget way to make your e-commerce website better looking is by applying themes to your OpenCart platform. This tutorial will take you through the steps of the installation process.
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Increase Traffic in OpenCart with These 5 Proven Ideas

You have just opened the virtual doors to your brand new OpenCart online store. You are feeling proud and excited to start doing business with customers. But where are the customers?
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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a New OpenCart Theme

It is often hard to find the right theme for your OpenCart store in the vast market of available themes. Below are five things to consider when choosing a theme for your OpenCart store that will make your choice much easier.
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Productive Discussions

September 15, 2015
Having a productive discussion that aims to gather the group knowledge requires planning and special attention. You most probably are in a team figuring out an idea or tackling the best solution of a problem. The following framework is suitable for smaller teams of critical thinkers.
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OpenCart Team Meets iSenseLabs

Together with the OpenCart team, we discussed the upcoming implementations and future development. Many of the topics we drafted in a brainstorming session and will be coming into production in OpenCart as early as Q4, 2015.
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How to manage taxes in OpenCart 2.0.x?

Taxes are crucial component of price formation in many countries and legislations.
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How to change the domain name of your license?

July 8, 2015
This quick tutorial demonstrates how to assign a different domain name to your support and updates license of premium iSenseLabs extensions
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How to ban visitors by IP address in OpenCart 2.0.x

June 23, 2015
Access control is a vital part of the management process of a website, an online store, etc. We all know that there are people on the Internet who we don’t want on our website. Whether they are just annoying spammers or mischievous hackers representing a considerable threat to our website’s security, it is without doubt very important to know a way or two to block them off.
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NitroSmush is a whole lot better lossless image compression tool that is a great alternative for the recently shut down service by Yahoo.
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