New Features, Module Fixes and Latest News. iSenseLabs Weekly #25

We are sorry for missing the weekly updates last week, which is why we’re compensating today.

The highlights of the past two weeks are the newest version of NitroPack, ExcelPort and the new releases for FacebookMessage and IntercomChat. Check them all out and don’t miss the cool Ecommerce articles at the end.

We also published a blog post regarding FacebookMessage where you can learn more about the basics of the module.


OpenCart Development

NitroPack 1.7.0 and NitroPack 2.4.0 (OC 1.5.2.x to 1.5.6.x) and (OC 2.0.x to 2.2.x)

OpenCart Caching

New feature: Add option to choose whether to combine the inline JavaScript or not

New feature: Add option to merge CSS media All and Screen

New feature: Responsive theme optimization

Improvement: Mail function made to work for all OC versions

Improvement: Add support for the special exclude rules {{NitroPack}} in the alternative resources_fix_tool script

Improvement: The DOM parser will not allow attribute overriding now

Improvement: Add CORS headers when CDN is used

Improvement: JavaScript based PageSpeed Refresh

Improvement: Add support for a new constant to force CLI mode in the CRON script

Bug fix: Fix for infinite loop in HTML precaching on some sites

Bug fix: Fixed undefined constant VERSION issue when database engine is used outside of index.php

Bug fix: Fix CSSLevel check in compression model

Bug fix: Fix for the minification on Windows

Bug fix: Fix when config_ssl is empty

Bug fix: Fix for the error logging in the JavaScript and CSS handling scripts

Bug fix: Fix an issue with self signed certificates

Bug fix: Fix a bug in automatic language detection

Bug fix: Fix for OC 2's api/* URLs

Bug fix: Fix an issue when excluding inline scripts

ExcelPort 1.10 and ExcelPort 2.4 (OC 1.x and 2.x)

Ecommerce Product Migration

New feature: Introduced new product export mode: Bulk export.

New feature: Added Affiliate ID in the export filters for Orders.

Improvement: Full export renamed to Grouped export.

Improvement: Quick export renamed to Basic export.

Bug fix: Option values called "0" were not exported. This is fixed now.

IntercomChat 2.0 (OC 2.0.x to OC 2.2.x)


Initial version!

FacebookMessage 2.0 (OC 2.x)

Facebook Messenger for Ecommerce

Initial Version!

FacebookMessage 1.0 (OC 1.x)

Facebook Messenger for Ecommerce

Initial Version!

FacebookMessage 2.0.2 (OC 2.0.x to 2.2.x)

Facebook Messenger for Ecommerce

Big fix: Template rendering bug fix.

Bug fix: Language variables parsing bug fix.

New feature: Option to choose from predefined color schemes.

DiscountOnNextPurchase 1.4 (OC 1.5.4.x to 1.5.6.x)

OpenCart Discount Module

New feature: choose whether the customer to be logged in or not to use the coupon.

WishlistDiscounts 2.2 (OC 2.0.x to 2.2.x)

OpenCart Discount Extension

New feature: Added compatibility with OpenCart 2.1.x and 2.2.x

New feature: Full multi-lingual integration

Bug fix: Fixed product names in the email

AutoDetect 2.6.5 (OC 2.0.x to 2.2.x)

Bug fix: Manual redirect

Bug fix: Stripe is shown

TieredGifts 2.0.1 (OC 2.x)

Bug fix: Licensing

AskForQuote 2.4 (OC 2.0.x to 2.2.x)

New feature: Log product options and quantity if selected.

Improvement: Front end UI improvements.

HowDidYouHearAboutUs 2.3.6 (OC 2.0.x to 2.2.x)

New feature: Export the whole statistics to CSV button

New feature: Full multi-lingual integration

Improvement: Improved layout in the admin panel

HowDidYouHearAboutUs 1.2.6 (OC 1.5.2.x to 1.5.6.x)

New feature: Export the whole statistics to CSV button

New feature: Full multi-lingual integration

ProductBundles 3.7.2 (OC 2.0.x to 2.2.x)

Bug fix: OpenCart 2.2.x template load.

OrderReviews 2.7.5 (OC 2.0.x to 2.2.x)

Bug fix: Grey background on email template when sending email containing link to a review form.

Improvement: Microsoft Outlook email templates style improvements.

Bonus Section: Our Favorite Articles of the Week

How Conversational Commerce Will Change Customer Service Forever

By Userlike

The rise of messaging apps is yet to have its impact on the larger part of the E-commerce world. Conversational Commerce is the next step for improving customer service and the experience of shoppers in an online store. The higher conversion rates of physical stores will be one step closer to Ecommerce websites.

How to Write Highly Compelling Calls-to-Action for Email

By Litmus

Email marketing is an essential part of the brand’s strategy to grow and convert more. The most challenging part of conducting a successful email campaign is in the subject lines and call-to-action phrases. This helpful guide from the email marketing gurus at Litmus will teach you the right way to approaching the call-to-action copy in your campaigns.

Ecommerce Conversion Rate: How UGC Can Help You Convert More

By Photoslurp

Conversion, conversion, conversion. What’s the best way to make someone buy something from your store? Let someone else do it. Product reviews (User Generated Content - UGC) are the biggest factor when it comes to online sales, or any sales for that matter. When a customer hears someone else purchased the product they are interested in and hears it’s good enough, this is the ultimate green light to hit “Checkout”.

Facebook Chat for OpenCart - An Ecommerce App for Seamless Communication

By iSenseLabs

We wanted to share the newest Ecommerce tool our team just created for Facebook. It’s an OpenCart extension that connects your store to the Facebook Messenger where you can receive quick messages from customers directly on your Facebook page. Check it out!

Pick of the Week

Finally, you can now upload and publish photos in Instagram from a desktop setup! You’re no longer bound by a mobile device. Well, at least not entirely since you still have to approve the post from your smartphone with a push notification. The posts are sent through Buffer who now have an Instagram integration. Have fun sharing photos!

Buffer for Instagram

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