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  • iSearch - Intelli-Sense Search
  • iSearch - Intelli-Sense Search
  • iSearch - Intelli-Sense Search
  • iSearch - Intelli-Sense Search
  • iSearch - Intelli-Sense Search
  • iSearch - Intelli-Sense Search
The most powerful search for OpenCart - improves the standard search and produces instant results on typing.


✯ Maximizes user's search experience
✯ Results as you type: Instant results
✯ Search smarter: Minimizes the risk of a misspelled word
✯ Save time: Reduces the time needed to go from a blank search box to results
✯ Type less: Lowers the effort & outputs faster search queries
✯ Inclusive search added
✯ Search term suggestions
✯ Search in Attribute Values, EAN, JAN, ISBN, MPN
✯ Search by 23 different criteria
✯ Multi-lingual Support
✯ Category ID as a possible exclude filter
✯ Responsive Design
✯ Results Autosuggest
✯ Automatic/ Custom SpellCheck Rules
✯ Option for default sorting. You can sort by Product length or Full keyword match

Note: If your store has more than 15 000 products, consider using iSearch Corporate, which is much faster with big databases.
  • Instant Auto Complete

    Instant Auto Complete

    Get results as you type and maximize your customer's search experience by reducing the time needed to go from a blank search box to results.

  • Exclude Products from Search

    Exclude Products from Search

    Tailor your customer's search experience by adding custom rules for excluding certain products.

  • Search by 23 Different Criteria

    Search by 23 Different Criteria

    iSearch allows for a comprehensive search by Product Name, Product Model, UPC, SKU, EAN, JAN, ISBN, MPN, Manufacturer, Attribute Names, Attribute Values, Categories, Filters, Description, Tags, Location, Option Name, Option Value, Meta Description, Meta Keyword.

  • Singularization


    No matter if your store visitors are searching for products in singular or plural, iSearch makes it easy for them to find singular and plural forms of words, ending in 's' or 'es'.

  • Avoid Typos

    Avoid Typos

    Search smarter with iSearch! With the Automatic SpellCheck system and the custom search rules, you minimize the risk of a misspelled word. Bull's eye!

  • A Tailored Experience

    A Tailored Experience

    Armed with a handful of features, you can customize iSearch further according to your store needs - setting title in multi store, gauging the search container width, height and style.

  • Responsive Design

    Responsive Design

    iSearch will look awesome, no matter if you use it on a phone, tablet or a computer.

  • Compatible with All Themes

    Compatible with All Themes

    iSearch is fully compatible with 99.99% of the OpenCart themes. True story.

  • Journal Theme Compatible

    Journal Theme Compatible

    iSearch is fully compatible with Journal OpenCart Theme.

  • Premium Support

    Premium Support

    By purchasing, you are entitled to 1 Year Premium Support that will get you up and going with iSearch. You are also granted access to our ticket/feature request system as well as module updates, current promotions, special bundles etc...

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Customer service at iSenseLabs is brilliant! All the work did for us was delivered on time, abided by our high standards and given top notch support for. All work delivered had a great impact on conversion rates for us.

Pritesh V., CEO, Diamond BoutiqueJuly, 2012

I have looked for several years for a rock solid PHP OpenCart company that delivers quickly and provides thorough reports when the jobs are completed. iSensLabs does just that! They deliver, period. I look forward to working on many projects with them to streamline and optimize our OpenCart store!

Douglas White, Art Director, EndTime MinistriesJuly, 2012

Just wanted to say a big thanks to iSenseLabs for their great products and excellent support. Keep up the great work guys.

riflebird, OpenCart UserJanuary, 2014

Wonderfull bunch of plugins iSenseLabs. Feeling the Love.

SupaRub, OpenCart UserMarch, 2014

Thank you. Just purchased. Works very well.

frishops, OpenCart UserOctober, 2016

I liked it very much. It is the most professional support I have met so far, and as a web developer I worked with a lot. I really appreciated the note on Friday that it is the last business day, and the support is in progress, and on the next business day it will be continued.

Tóth József, pegaton.huApril, 2017

I think you have an amazing team who works very hard! I am very happy with your team, especially with Elena. I think you are communicating with each other very well and trying to do your best to answer questions and help a client. Thank you. Your company will be great if you will continue like this. :)

I, like a client, need a company like yours very much and you do a great job! Probably every company have the same feeling as we are working behind the screens and it is hard to feel the customer...

By the way, I was speaking with somebody and they said that they know your modules and they had a very good experience as well :) It means you feel the tendency of the market. ;)

Keep going and you will be great!! :)

Inga Lisauske, shopo.worldOctober, 2017