The 10 Most Popular Blogs from iSenseLabs in 2015

2015 was a busy year for our Blog section. It’s time to look back at all our handy guides and tutorials, fresh eCommerce trends and product updates, as well as tips and tricks that make your online store more profitable. We combined a list of 10 blogs that have attracted your attention the most over the past year.

Yes, we feel nostalgic too.

Go over the posts to refresh your knowledge and start 2016 by reminding yourself about the key aspects of starting, running and constantly improving your eCommerce store.

Five E-Commerce Opportunities in 2015

Where to invest your time, focus and resources? Where is most of the action still going on in 2016? The post written by Georgi will let you know how important m-commerce (mobile apps and sites) is for the sector, why focusing on real value and quality overcomes any other strategy, and why picking the right team will help you keep on top of the competition.

How to Nail Google Pagespeed Score in OpenCart? [Part 1 of 3]

Do you think you know enough about PageSpeed and optimizing the images in your web store? Check the post to remind yourself how browser caching works, and most importantly - how to use them to improve your site’s performance. You can also learn about the NitroPack by iSenseLabs and the additional optimization it offers to maximize your website’s PageSpeed.

How to Add Store Logo and Product Images to Invoices in OpenCart 2.X?

Julian shows how you can make modifications for your OpenCart store with OCMod and customize the template for your invoices. You will be able to improve your branding by adding your store’s logo and the product images to the invoice. It’s a very simplified step-by-step guide that you will find very easy to implement.

Using the New API Methods of OpenCart 2.X

OpenCart 2.X came with a new API improving integration capabilities and more functionality. The post explains how you can interact with the API and benefit from its features. You can also use the helper library created by iSenseLabs to simplify your work.

How to Install or Delete Modules in OpenCart 2.0?

This should be among the first things a new OpenCart user has to read and comprehend in order to simplify all the following steps to customizing their new online store. The guide teaches users how to properly install and uninstall extensions, as well as managing all the files associated with them.

OpenCart Tips and Tricks Vol 2 Ebook Free Download

Since we are keen on teaching users about the OpenCart platform, we thought it would be a great idea to create a free book or two. The Ebook is packed with knowledge and insight, featuring introductory articles, in-depth guides and tutorials, tips, and a lot of practical eCommerce advice for beginners and advanced entrepreneurs.

Tips for eCommerce Email Marketing Success

Teya wrote a great post on Email marketing, using a lot of numbers and statistics to prove that the old school method is far from fading away. In fact, it’s still the most beneficial way to get the most ROI from any other marketing strategy out there. The post also has a lot of examples and describes how an effective Email campaign has to look like, and what you should focus on.

10 High Impact OpenCart Modules to Help You Sell More

Making more money - that is the goal of every OpenCart user, and this compilation shows ten of the modules that will have the most impact on the sales that your online store generates. Security, convenience and marketing are the main subjects that the modules are focused on.

3 Tools That Will Help You Turn Fraudulent Orders down to 0

Security and online fraud are one of the biggest concerns for merchants worldwide. We decided to explain what fraudulent orders are, how they affect online sales and what are the methods that minimize them. This is a sensitive subject that requires a lot of attention, so do not skip it when setting up the security for your OpenCart store.

10 Free Essential OpenCart 2.1.X Modules for Usability & Customer Experience

With the competition in all eCommerce niches growing progressively, it is critical for store owners to do everything in their power to stand out and attract every possible user. This can be simplified when you take advantage of the free OpenCart modules regarding store usability and user experience that are compiled in this post.

End of Year Wrap Up

In order to pick the top 10 articles, we had to respect the numbers, but that does not mean that these are all the useful articles that we have created. There is a lot of knowledge that our team has published during 2015. Keep in mind that a successful entrepreneur is the one who never misses out on all the details!

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