10 Free Essential OpenCart 2.1.x Modules for Usability & Customer Experience

The shopping process of every eCommerce website should have a natural flow that makes the user experience as seamless as possible. Any small issues that hurdle this process can either distract users or create problems that slow down or even prevent the final checkout.

There are multiple extensions that you can use to increase the usability of your site and offer a flexible, functional online shopping experience for your customers.


#1 Random Bestselling Products

With this extension, you can shuffle your bestselling products with every page refresh letting your customers view more of the products that sell the most and continue their browsing.


#2 Price Filter


Price Filter offers Ajax products loading for an instant refresh applying the new pricing changes made with the customizable slider.


#3 Shipping Estimate

Your customers will be able to estimate the shipping costs of each product in its page. You can enable or disable the extension and configure the estimate according to Geo zone or Post code.


#4 Wishlist Without Login


Allow your users to create their wishlist of products without having to log into your web store. By making it easy for guests to combine items and estimate their costs you add to the usability of your website.

#5 GuestOrderView


Give guest customers the ability to track their orders and check order information and status without having to login. It’s compatible with all themes and doesn’t override any of your files.


#6 Product Tab


The Product Tab is useful and attractive for web stores containing tabs for Featured, Latest, Special and Best Selling products. All of these features will be available in a single and convenient tab.


#7 Dropdown Currency

The module replaces the default format for displaying currency with a dropdown menu with the country flag for every currency.


#8 Scroll to top


This adds an animated button that automatically scrolls you back the the top of the page with a single click.


#9 Auto Sub-Category


Add sub-categories that will display products in sub-menus. These menus will be under the main parent category of the products.


#10 In-Stock Filter


A simple module that will give your store users an additional filter that will only show products that are in stock.

Although it may seem like these modules are just cosmetic changes to your website’s look and functionality, they are actually vital for an easy-flowing shopping experience. Best of all - they are free, so you can start experimenting with them and see which ones work the most for your store and audience. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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