10 High Impact OpenCart Modules To Help You Sell More

Meeting your customers expectations has always been a key part in running a successful online business. Completing this task is not always an easy job. To achieve maximum results and stay on top of the competition, you would need the right set of tools. Choosing amongst the large variety of extensions and plugins can be a tedious task. This blog post will show you our carefully picked 10 OpenCart extensions to help you increase your sales and customer satisfaction.

1. AdvancedSorting


AdvancedSorting is a lightweight OpenCart widget, which extends the default sorting mechanism of the platform. It will give you the chance to improve the sorting options on the Category, Manufacturer, Search and Special pages. Giving your customers a more versatile and flexible option for sorting would give them the chance to find what they are looking for much faster, thus making them more satisfied with the time spent at your store.

2. SEO PackPro


We are all aware of the importance of the search engine rankings especially when it comes to an online store. Search Engine Optimization is a constant and time-consuming process, which requires more advanced development skills. SEO PackPro is an OpenCart extension, which meets all of the requirements of the Onsite SEO optimization and wraps all of the functionality in an easy and intuitive widget, which you could install on your OpenCart store. With just a few clicks, you can generate SEO keyword, meta titles and descriptions, alt tags, rich snippets and so on

3. ZopimLiveChat


Responding to your customers queries is always a good practice. Establishing a live communication channel would help you build up your customers trust and satisfaction with your brand. Adding a live chat platform to your store is a key component in this process. One of the best platforms out there is ZopimLiveChat. Feature rich and supporting a variety of eCommerce platforms Zopim could easily integrate with your current website. The platform can fit every budget as it offers four flexible pricing plans including a free one.

4. DiscountOnLeave


The extension offers intuitive admin interface and variety of options to help you regain those trying to leave your store. Create as many popu-ps as you like, design them to fit perfectly with your website. Enable your pop-ups on specific URLs or in all of the pages on your website. It is up to you. Now you have the right tool for it.

5. CustomerPhotos


The best commercial for your products is how they perform in real life examples. Allow your users and customers to tag/add photos of how they use your products. Seeing your products in action, with photos uploaded from your customer base is a strong selling point to other prospective customers.

6. McAfee Secure


Showing your customers that the information they share with you is protected is a step, which will set you apart from most of the online store owners. The McAfee SECURE Trustmark helps solve this problem by letting visitors see that your site is safe - alleviating security concerns and increasing engagement and conversions. With the free version of McAfee SECURE certification, you can display the certification Trustmark for up to 500 visitors per month, at no charge.

7. AddThis


AddThis is the world's largest content sharing and social insights platform. Optimize your marketing by allowing your clients to share your store's content on social media easily. Sit back and enjoy the growth of your business as the word about it spreads. iSenseLabs implementation allows a seamless OpenCart AddThis integration, which enables your customers to enjoy all AddThis benefits free of charge.

8. SmartNotifications


SmartNotifications is solely marketing oriented plugin, which will help you boost your sales and incomes to new heights. Featuring a large variety of options including different triggering events, show animations, positioning and so on this module will make calling your users to action easier than ever.

9. NotifyWhenAvailable


Stop losing customers because some of your products have run out of stock. NotifyWhenAvailable is the tool that will not only help you keep them but also improve your client's trust in your store. The extensions offers your customers a quick and easy way to subscribe to stock updates of the products they are interested in.

10. Ajax Quick Checkout



The name says it all. Ajax Quick Checkout is a powerful extension that will transform the checkout page of your store. Highly customizable and driven by the Ajax web technology, it will provide your customers with a fast and reliable way to complete their orders. 


We hope that those extensions would really help you enhance your website performance and deliver your customers with unparalleled service and experience.

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