How to Install Themes in OpenCart 2.3.x?

The release of OpenCart 2.3.x brought a lot of changes to the platform.

Probably the most notable among them is the new modern design of the pages. However, for an E-Commerce website that is visited by many users everyday, eye-catching design is a must.

The theme will not affect the functionality of the website, but a classy one can make a good impression on the customers and make them come back for more shopping.

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How to Install a Theme in OpenCart 3.x (Video Tutorial)

A quick and budget way to achieve this is by applying themes to your OpenCart platform. The Internet is full of great-looking options available, both paid and free.

Theme Installation in OpenCart 2.3.x

The installation of a theme is a relatively straightforward process and the aim of this tutorial is to guide you through the steps of the process.

Step 1

The first step is to find and download a suitable theme for your website. For the purpose of this tutorial we are going to use Radiance, a free and responsive theme developed by iSenseLabs:

Free Theme Download

Step 2

After downloading the archived file, unzip it and launch an FTP client.

This can be a standalone program such as FileZilla, SmartFtp, etc. or a built-in client like the one in Adobe Dreamweaver.

Step 3

After connecting to the website, transfer the files from the theme folder into the folder containing the OpenCart installation.

Step 4

Now it is time to login into the admin page of our OpenCart websitŠµ.

Go to Extensions > Extension Installer and upload the radiance_theme.ocmod.xml file located in the Radiance theme zip folder.

Step 5

Next, go to Extensions > Extensions > Themes > Radiance Theme and click the Install button.

When Radiance is installed, click the Edit button to access the settings.

In the General settings, click the Theme Directory dropdown and select radiance.

Next, click the Status dropdown and select Enabled to enable Radiance.

Done? Don't forget to click Save.

Step 6

Almost done. Go to System > Settings > Edit and view your General settings.

You'll see the Theme menu currently set to Default Store Theme. Open the dropdown and select Radiance Theme.

Click Save.

Step 7

The final step is to go to Extensions > Modifications and click the Refresh button.

At this point, we have completed installation and have applied the theme to our website.

Some themes, however, require some further settings to be made in order to work properly on the website. Information about them is usually stored in the documentation that is contained in the downloaded theme archive.

Here is how our fresh installation of Radiance looks on the OpenCart storefront:

OpenCart Free Theme Radiance


This is how you install a theme in OpenCart We hope this tutorial has been helpful. Feel free to share it if you think it's useful!

Free Theme Download

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