Black Friday Cyber Monday Weekend Overview: The 10 Most Desired OpenCart Modules

With the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend behind us, we can now reflect on the data that the 4 day sales frenzy generated.

The 2017 BFCM weekend was successful worldwide as E-Commerce becomes more powerful.

One of the global highlights was that mobile sales were more than desktop sales during the most busy shopping event of the year.

This is an interesting shift, since less than a year ago we were still observing hesitant behavior from online shoppers who were still not feeling completely secure with purchases from their mobile devices.

However, the trends already predicted such a shift, so I guess... the future is now.

We also had some interesting results from our Black Friday Cyber Monday campaign we felt like sharing.

It’s the top 10 modules that OpenCart users purchased the most from our site.

The results have spoken.

We see an increasing interest in OpenCart extensions meant for marketing and conversion. This is important for us because it inspires us to keep improving and developing new features that give store owners more power and flexibility to drive their marketing strategies forward.

So, here are the modules.

10. SmartNotifications (Urgency and Scarcity Notifications)

Easily create on-site notifications customizable in color, size, shape, animation, icon, timing and more.

Draw customers’ attention, share info they should know, show off your deals, events and much more!


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9. FacebookStore (Increase Sales in Social Media)

Show the products from your OpenCart store directly in your Facebook page in a dedicated Shop tab.

Your fans will be able to shop and checkout straight from your Facebook page without having to go to your website. A wider audience, easy access and more sales.


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8. ProductBundles (Increase Average Order Value)

Bundle products together for a combinative discount and create irresistible deals for your customers.

Pairing highly relevant and compatible products is a great incentive for customers to add more products to their cart, increasing the value they spend in your store.


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7. NitroPack Cache (Web Performance Optimization)

Page speed and website performance are the first lines of defense for your site against impatient customers and search engines.

If your site does not reach appropriate loading speed, you will be suffering heavy losses in terms of ranking, traffic and sales.


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6. FacebookLogin (Easier Accessibility)

Creating new accounts in every online store you go to is too tedious of a task and creates hurdles towards the goal you want to accomplish - just order the product you want ASAP.

Social logins give the secure, couple-of-clicks signup possibility that your OpenCart customers deserve for an easier registration and better shopping experience.


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5. Ajax Quick Checkout (Conversion Optimization)

Having more control over your checkout means you can take decisions on what to keep, what to remove, and what positions to choose for the different customer information fields.

Ajax Quick Checkout gives you that control and comes packed with 4 predefined skins you can instantly put to use and start analyzing which one works best.


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4. Promotions (Sales and Conversion)

Discounts and promotions are one of the most powerful conversion incentives and work best when you want to spike up the sales.

Promotions lets you create hundreds of scenarios, combinations and flexible offers for your OpenCart customers.


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3. Pro Email Template (Email Marketing & Design)

Take your email marketing game to the next level with these customizable templates for all OpenCart emails.

The templates can be modified in any way you want and even work for emails sent by other custom OpenCart extensions.


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2. AbandonedCarts (Customer Retention & Remarketing)

Cart abandonment is something natural for E-Commerce and is quite the expected behavior for online shoppers. However, you still have the power to make the difference by reminding them.

With AbandonedCarts, your OpenCart store will automatically remind your customers they forgot their carts and let you schedule the emails as well as add small discount incentives to ensure more sales.


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1. SEO Backpack (Search Engine Optimization)

The winner!

Search engine optimization is obviously still among the highest priorities for E-Commerce sites as without good ranking… where will the traffic and customers come from?

SEO Backpack gives you unparalleled features and usability. It makes the optimization of your entire OpenCart store easier and significantly more effective. No need to be an SEO expert to get real results with this extension.


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Wrap up

These were the modules that OpenCart store owners preferred the most during the Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend. It shows the focus areas where most OpenCart sites need improvements and gives us a lot of food for thought about where to focus our efforts for new features and further development.

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