5 Bestselling Extensions on OpenCart.com

You have chosen OpenCart as e-commerce platform for your business, because it is open source, simple and easy to set up. It also lets you give your online store your personal signature by adding third party extension. Take a look at these 5 best selling modules on OpenCart.com, which will help you manage and expand your online store.



ExcelPort is one of the best extensions for managing your product data. It is extremely powerful and at the same time offers an unparalleled simplicity. This module gives you the option to export all your products information into an Excel spreadsheet, edit it and then import it back to your store. You can also take advantage of the two unique export/import modes. Use “Full mode” to edit all your products data or “Quick” where you will have the classical one product per line. ExcelPort comes also with powerful filtering system which allows you to complete any specific task you are up to. 



NitroPack is not just a cache tool. NitroPack is a full website optimization framework combining more than 30 features with the sole purpose to bring everything you need to have a lightning fast OpenCart website. It will help you boost your overall website performance up to 30 times, increase your SEO and SEM, which will enhance your users experience when visiting your site, which of course leads to higher conversion rates.



Cart abandonment is a major problem for online store owners, but e-commerce marketing experts are positive that a well executed email campaign could bring more than half of your customers abandoning their carts back. AbandonedCarts is a module which will help you complete this task easily and without any hassle. The extension allows you to review your customers abandoned carts and send them an automatic or manual email with link to their cart and provide them with a discount hook if you decide.



Product bundling, first adopted by Amazon.com, is one of the most efficient marketing techniques which helps store owners increase their conversion rate. When applied properly this method can significantly increase your sales and customer satisfaction. ProductBundles is a module which helps you achieve easy and effective bundling with intuitive and user-friendly interface.



“Social discounts” is a new and interesting technique to popularize your business. SocialDiscounts will give you the chance to offer your customers a discount in exchange of sharing, liking, tweeting or following your store’s web page. You can easily customize the widget and its buttons, so they can fit your website’s look.

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Recently we combined all of our OpenCart extensions, themes and modules in the most powerful OpenCart bundle - OpenPack. No matter if you have just started your business, are an established enterprise or you are just looking for the features that will push you forward against the competition, OpenPack has got your back. With a selection of more than 90 tested-and-true products, valued at more than $3000+ you can jump start and make your store shine. OpenPack comes with lifetime product ownership and one year premium support license.

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