2016 User Survey Results on Best OpenCart Modules + Our Favorites

Earlier this week, we asked you what is your favorite OpenCart module on Twitter and Google+. Given behavioral scientists Barry Schwartz groundbreaking work “The Paradox of Choice”, we decided not to go crazy with the options. Call us biased, but here is what we included:

1. SEO Pack Pro
2. Ajax Quick Checkout
3. ExcelPort
4. NitroPack
5. Other

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Out of the available options it seems that NitroPack won the race. We never found a few of the “Other“ modules as the people who participated in the survey did not include a link. A few others, who did include a link cited XML Import Pro, which seems like a pretty nice module by the way.

We definitely believe surveys are a great way to interact with the community. We will continue experimenting and probably should ask people to reference a link in case their opinion is outside of the scope of the available options.

Mihail's shortlist:

I would also like to add a few more personal favorites that we have used on many projects and believe are worth sharing. You may find out more about the modules below:

1. ADV Reports

Great for anybody who likes accountability, analysis and creating a strategy around this. (Click to Tweet)

2. OpenBay Pro

Amazon UK, Amazon US, eBay and Etsy integration for OpenCart. The module allows you to manage your products and monitor your orders across all the platforms. In other words this is a great module for anyone who wants to sell on the most popular marketplaces in the world. 

3. FacebookLogin

Allows your customers to skip registration and login using their Facebook username and password

4. OpenStock

Open your stock with OpenStock. Create different variations and track stock levels for your product options. This is especially helpful for clients using product options. (Click to Tweet)

5. Google Analytics Expert

This module serves as an enhancement to the default OpenCart-Google connection.

6. Simon Filters

Simon Filters adds a lot of versatility to your store and makes drilling down through product options a much nicer experience. 

7. ProductBundles

Bundle products and offer discounts when purchased together. Amazon style. (Click to Tweet)

8. SMSBump

Automate transactional messages on different OpenCart events. 

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