11 Bestselling OpenCart Modules from iSenseLabs in 2015

Tailoring your OpenCart store can be very exciting with all the diverse modules and unlimited customization you can do. We decided to gather up some data and show you the most favored and trending modules we had in 2015.

You can use them to start the new year with a bang and begin improving your store’s usability, accessibility, user experience, SEO and all the other fundamental attributes that help you run a more successful eCommerce business.


Exporting, editing and importing your product data is quite simple when you work with the ExcelPort module. The extension exports all of your product information into an Excel spreadsheet where you can edit everything and import it back without a hitch.

You have two editing options - Full Mode and Quick Mode. You can either use Full mode to edit all of your products, or Quick Mode to edit one product per line.

The unique filtering system is one of the best features of this extension. It can help you tackle any kind of specific data export task.


The NitroPack is a must for every OpenCart store owner who knows how important page loading speed is. This is a performance optimization framework that improves the three most vital traits of your website - speed, SEO and  user experience.

With more than 30 powerful features, NitroPack eliminates the need for purchasing multiple extensions and seeking support for them. It works to enhance your business efficiency and sales by speeding up your website up to 30 times. This simplifies the browsing for your users, letting them see more pages quickly, thus encouraging more sales.


By adding the FacebookLogin button to your OpenCart website, your users will have a quick way to sign-up in your store and begin their shopping. Social login helps both you and your users on several key levels - convenience, accessibility, security and marketing.

The module synchronizes with your OpenCart user system and lets you organize, track and segment your users by adding them to a separate user group for various marketing purposes.

Your FacebookLogin widget is easily adjustable and can be positioned anywhere you like on your website. You can select the pages that should contain it, and customize its exact position and appearance using the settings in the admin panel.


A powerful search function is vital to the user experience of every eCommerce website, and the iSearch module is the answer for every OpenCart store. Its responsive design makes it fit perfectly for every device and lets you customize its width, height and style.

iSearch has an instant auto-complete function that minimizes the input time and the risk of a typo during search. You also have the option to exclude certain products from the search results.

There are up to 20 different search criteria that are built-into the module, including Product Name, Model, Manufacturer, Categories, Filters, Description, Meta Keywords, and many more.


Merchants are facing problems with abandoned carts worldwide and it’s affecting their sales by a huge number. However, marketers are certain that tailoring your email campaign to tackle that issue can bring back a lot of lost revenue.

AbandonedCarts is the module that lets you view all of the carts that were abandoned by your users and target them with a manual or automatic email that reminds of the purchase they were considering.

Another perk is the option to add a discount hook, which has proved to be a very effective way to spark the interest of many users who find additional costs a problem or simply need a gentle push to making the final purchasing decision.


With up to 12 customizable columns and a responsive design, the iCustomFooter is a powerful module for OpenCart that offers a vast array of functionality.

It includes a contact form that is CAPTCHA protected and eliminates any SPAM from your inbox. You can integrate every social button you decide and add all of the payment options your store supports.

iCustomFooter has two light and dark layout skins that can be changed to fit your design better. It’s multi-store, multi-lingual and supports any OpenCart theme.


You can use a picture or text to watermark both images and thumbnails. The extension allows you to watermark categories as well as the products that you decide. You can customize the font and color of the text you use for the watermark to fit the rest of your web store’s style better.


ProductBundles lets you select a number of products and bundle them together for a special price similar to Amazon.com.

You can complete the action in three simple steps - add products, choose details, and select layout. The result is a user and mobile-friendly interface that displays a special offer on your product page.

You can randomize the bundles and put one on every page of your website to have a wider reach and display more products.


Reviews are among the keystones to building a trustworthy business that demonstrates authenticity. However, not all customers leave a comment after they make a purchase.

To increase your chances of getting feedback, the OrderReviews module lets you send emails to customers, inviting them to review the products they have purchased.

The extension makes it easier for your users to rate your products and gives you the freedom to create an unlimited amount of customizable email templates.


Activity over social media can help your store’s popularity significantly. When users like, tweet or share content related to your eCommerce website, your ranking goes up with search engines as well as other users over social media.

SocialDiscounts is an OpenCart extension that lets you provide your users with discounts if they share or tweet about your business.


This tool uses email to let users know when the product they have viewed is back in stock.

Another way to use the extension is for pre-sales. Products that you are planning to release can be sent to your customers with an automatic email. NotifyWhenAvailable is a great way to encourage your users to subscribe for product updates that interest them.



SMS has become one of the most effective ways for E-Commerce businesses to connect with customers on a more personal level. Ideal for automating transactional messages for order updates, marketing campaigns, promotions, discounts and admin notifications.

With SMSBump, keeping in touch with customers and establishing a relationship is easier than ever. It's easier for you to send bulk messages to multiple recipients, and it's easier for customers to learn updates about their orders even faster than before.


We hope you will find these modules useful for the customization and improvement of your OpenCart store. Learning what you think about them is very important to us, and you can use the comments section below to let us know if they have helped you!

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