10 More OpenCart Extensions Compatible with OpenCart 2

As promised, here is the second series of Premium OpenCart Modules compatible with OpenCart version 2. In case you have missed the previous post on 10 OpenCart extensions compatible with OpenCart 2, no worries, you can view  here: https://isenselabs.com/posts/10-opencart-extensions-compatible-with-opencart-2

1. GoogleLogin

GoogleLogin is a social login plugin that allows your customers to skip registration and directly login with their Google Login accounts. Essentially this will save time and stand your store look serious featuring a login with one of the most loved services.

2. TwitterLogin

TwitterLogin is a social login plugin that allows your customers to skip registration and directly login with their Twitter accounts. With more than 270 million active users up to this date, you can provide an easy access to your web store and increasing trustworthiness.

3. CodeManager

CodeManager module also allows for easy file management — create, edit, and delete files. You can upload, download, duplicate and change file permissions. When working with product pictures, CodeManager features a simple upload and preview. It also features an intuitive search option in files and folders.

4. HowDidYouHearAboutUs

HowDidYouHearAbout us is an easy way to track how your customers landed at your website. This is a tool if you are doing more than one channel advertising/marketing or if you have different social media channels. After the questionnaire you can visualize the source information in a pie chart and distinguish what is working and what needs more attention.

5. ProductBundles

If you would like one simple module that will make you sell more ProductBundles is the one to get. Made popular by Amazon's strategy team, there isn't anyone who will be able to resist your offer for bundle buy of products. Everyone has done it. You go to buy a book and you end up with 5 books and a DVD. The module will allow you to select products and pack them with a bundle. The bundles display once you one open a product page. Customers are able to instantly see the bundle and the savings that the special price will bring them. Fastest way to making more sales.

6. FacebookComments

When thinking about FacebookComments you always should note two things: Facebook - the biggest social media network and the possibility of allowing anybody on your website easily comment on any of your products by using their Facebook profile. Real people, genuine pictures, true comments. Oh, and did we mention that TechCrunch uses FacebookComments.

7. GooglePlusComments

Want to get higher ranking in Google? Although it has never been confirmed by Google themselves, some experts say that GooglePlus comments may have a positive impact on your overall web store ranking.

8. DisqusComments

 Say goodbye to the anonymous comments and embrace a more personal interaction thanks to DisqusComments, As Disqus team put it themselves, everything you need to build a community, turn down the noise and turn up new revenue. Your customers will be able to register and post in seconds. Tons of features, settings, tweaks and analytics.

9. AlsoBought

Humans are social animals as Aristotle once said. To put this into perspective AlsoBought shows you all products that your customers bought together. If they have purchased them together it means they made a right choice and so would you, right?

10. AlsoViewed

Similar to AlsoBought but goes one step beyond the purchase, and shows which products your customers viewed, to your potential customers.

BONUS ProductGenerator

ProductsGenerator is an intelligent solution that populates your database with any number of random products. Ideal for testing and showcasing purposes.

In Conclusion

Twenty done and sixty more to come. Stay tuned for the next series of OpenCart modules compatible with OpenCart 2.

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