Web-based IDE framework for OpenCart

  • CodeManager - Web-based IDE framework for OpenCart
  • CodeManager - Web-based IDE framework for OpenCart
  • CodeManager - Web-based IDE framework for OpenCart
  • CodeManager - Web-based IDE framework for OpenCart
  • CodeManager - Web-based IDE framework for OpenCart
  • CodeManager - Web-based IDE framework for OpenCart
CodeManager is the easiest way for OpenCart store owners and developers to work shoulder-to-shoulder. No more FTP access, server problems, port issues. CodeManager allows you to give access to developers directly from your OpenCart admin. It has so many awesome features, even Chuck Norris would become envious.

No more waiting and painful uploading of pictures one-by-one. CodeManager also features a super simple drag-and-drop way to upload thousands of pictures to your server.

Main Features

✯ Web-based IDE framework
✯ Grant user permissions
✯ Create, edit and delete files
✯ Upload and download files
✯ Duplicate files
✯ Change permissions of files
✯ Super simple upload of pictures
✯ Preview pictures
✯ Pictures can be opened in full screen
✯ Search in files & folders
✯ Editor screen splitting
✯ Color themes for the file editor
  • User Permissions

    User Permissions

    Now it's even simpler to work with a third party, developer, development team or just change files without the need of your FTP. You can easily create a personalized admin access account and disable access once everything is taken care of.

  • File Managing

    File Managing

    There is so much you can do with CodeManager: create, edit, and delete files. Upload, download files and duplicate or change file permissions.

  • Powerful Search

    Powerful Search

    Always find what you are looking for. CodeManager offers an intuitive search in files and folders.

  • Work with Pictures

    Work with Pictures

    CodeManager features a super simple upload, preview or view in full screen option for product pictures.

  • CodeManager Light

    CodeManager Light

    CodeManager is the free and light version of CodeManagerPro. Please read below how you can upgrade to the full blown experience.

  • Compatible with All Themes

    Compatible with All Themes

    CodeManager OpenCart integration is fully compatible with 99.99% of the OpenCart themes. True story.

  • Community Support

    Community Support

    This is a free extension and comes with community support only. You can get community support by accessing the iSenseLabs Community Forum.

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Just installed on the latest OC v.2.2 test shop, and it works perfect! Thanks a lot!

IP_CAM, OpenCart UserMarch, 2016

Thank you for the module! It's a great product and a must have!

deyand, OpenCart UserFebruary, 2016

This is the best module I have ever seen in any of the shopping carts I have used. At the moment the module is called CodeManager2.0. How can I change it's name so that I can move the module up my list? Thank you again for a fantastic module.

adb34, OpenCart UserOctober, 2014

Great products! Looking forward for the official update of this module for support!

jpena930, OpenCart UserJanuary, 2015

Looks pretty impressive for a free extension! Hopefully this will be useful for all store owners who have developers look at issues in their installation.

Clear Thinking, OpenCart UserMay, 2016

I have it installed just besides the default File-Manager in my OpenCart v1.7 (OC v. I especially like the 'Temporary Grant Access' Option, it's free with this one, I paid for a (similar) option...! Thanks a lot, depending on visuality, I can now switch between displays.

IP_CAM, OpenCart UserJune, 2014

Great extension!!! I am really surprised it is free. Very useful, guys grab it while it is free!

den_grain, OpenCart UserJuly, 2014

Installed without any issue (so far anyway) - great extension - thank you very much!

lambat, OpenCart UserAugust, 2014

Your support was excellent, couldn't wish for better. Thank you very much! Best regards.

Lisa Jenner, LampKompanietSeptember, 2017