System Settings of OpenCart 2.2.x - The Definitive Guide

You probably already know that OpenCart offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to system settings, whether you are a beginner or experienced user. Adjusting the free Ecommerce platform might take some time if you want to go into detail.
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OpenCart 2.x Modification System

OpenCart Modification System known as OCMOD is a simplified virtual file modification system that is native since OpenCart 2.0. It allows store owners to modify and extend the behavior of their stores, without modifying core files, just by uploading a compressed file containing XML, PHP or SQL files extending the core system files. This approach guarantees trouble-free performance even after the modification is removed.
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OpenCart 2.0.x Event System Tutorial

December 12, 2014
Learn about the new event system in OpenCart 2.x and how to use it
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