The Essential Guide to Good bots, Content Harvesters and Comment Spammers

Based on the report of Incapsula in 2014, 56% of the internet traffic was generated by bots. Bots are considered to be automated software applications performing repetitive work in Internet. These programs usually perform the most mundane and time consuming tasks in internet. In this article we are going to present the two faces of bots usage: benefits of properly using the good bots and the awareness and potential protection from the bad bots: content harvesters and comment spammers.
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How to ban visitors by IP address in OpenCart 2.0.x

June 23, 2015
Access control is a vital part of the management process of a website, an online store, etc. We all know that there are people on the Internet who we don’t want on our website. Whether they are just annoying spammers or mischievous hackers representing a considerable threat to our website’s security, it is without doubt very important to know a way or two to block them off.
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