Get the Most out of Product Reviews with FacebookComments

Adding reviews and allowing users to comment on your products - yea or nay? This blog post will show how product reviews can only benefit your store and how simple adding them can be with the FacebookComments module from iSenseLabs.
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How to disable product reviews in OpenCart 2.0.x

OpenCart is very powerful, useful and rich, and it also comes with a lot of predefined settings and options, both for the customers and the admins of a store. However, as a store owner, the decision what functionality your website has, rests on your shoulders. In this article, we will show you how to manipulate the product review section of your store, specifically, how to enable/disable it.
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Yotpo product reviews for OpenCart

April 13, 2015
Product reviews are an important source of information for customers to support their buying decision and a major driver for sales. Yotpo for OpenCart is powerful review solutions which will help you generate customer content and increase conversions.
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How to disable the CAPTCHA validation in the product reviews in OpenCart 2.x

OpenCart has nice review functionality which includes CAPTCHA validation. However, if you want to get more reviews, you should consider removing the validation since this saves time for the customers.
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Can customer reviews grow your e-commerce sales?

January 24, 2015
Customer reviews are important part of every e-commerce website. They can increase your conversion rates, business credibility, trustworthiness and also bring fresh, unique content to your site. The main topics in this article will be how to attract reviews from the customers and how to properly display them in your website.
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