Get the Most out of Product Reviews with FacebookComments

Adding reviews and allowing users to comment on your products - yea or nay? This blog post will show how product reviews can only benefit your store and how simple adding them can be with the FacebookComments module from iSenseLabs.


According to a research made by iPerceptions - 63 percent of online customers are more likely to make a purchase from a web store that has user reviews for their products.

As we see from Statista’s report, there is only one bad motive for customers to leave a poor review and that is “A negative experience with a brand.” On the other hand, we see that the reason for 93 percent of online customers to leave a good review is from “A positive experience with a brand.”

The number of Facebook users beats any other social platform by a long shot. This means that setting up a comment system using people’s Facebook accounts will have the biggest reach, and most convenient way for everyone to start interacting with your OpenCart store.

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Product reviews as an opportunity

Going on Facebook is currently one of the main activities of the Internet population. There are multiple benefits here, one of which is that we see the activity of other digital users every day. With the FacebookComments module, the users can choose whether they want their comment to appear on their personal wall or not.

Another great perk is convenience. It’s much simpler for a customer to leave a quick review as a Facebook comment. Giving users this opportunity only increases the chance they will take part simply because it’s easy.

Facebook’s user-friendly interaction is one of the reasons for the platform’s popularity. The module allows you to use that advantage and let your users comment, share opinions, upvote and even carry the discussion on their private walls, expanding the visibility.

The positive effect of consumer opinion

Buyers are often looking for the crowd when they are shopping online. Reviews are the source of real information that users trust the most (12 times more than the product’s description, as eMarketer puts it more precisely).

User generated content, or simply put - product reviews, is a big conversion booster because it solves a major issue for both consumers and merchants - purchase anxiety. The fear of not knowing if the product will be what the customer expects, if it will have real value or if the shipping will take too long.

FacebookComments helps your visitors feel more comfortable when making a purchase when they see the reviews generated from previous customers.

In one of their articles, AdWeek says:

“Sixty percent begin by using a search engine to find the products they want, and 61 percent will read product reviews before making any purchase.”

Seeing the choices of others significantly influences a user’s decision while selecting the product to purchase. A big part of your online customers will be looking for other people’s opinions about your products.

Take a look at this solution for motivating customers to leave a review.

Not all bad reviews are actually bad

Don’t be afraid to get a bad review. After all, we can’t please everyone - but we can use that negativity and turn it around into something productive.

A bad review is still a review, which complements the authenticity of your store and product. Furthermore, accept that as feedback and a way to improve the value and quality of what you are offering to your audience. Also, don’t you think that a product with nothing but 5-star reviews might raise a few suspicions?

What makes product reviews a great SEO booster

The search engines’ primary objective is simple - give users what they like and want to see.

Since consumers love reviews and keep looking for them, search engines are obligated to respond and tweak their algorithm to favor websites that offer them.

Reviews and social activity are currently one of the factors that Google uses to rank their search results. From that point of view, FacebookComments can affect your SEO strength significantly.

What are the module's features

FacebookComments is a simple plug-and-play integration for OpenCart that allows you to place comments right into your eCommerce product pages.

The module comes with many features you can use:

Place the comments widget on any page of your store


You can place the widget in the standard positions for OpenCart - Column Left and Right or Content Top and Bottom. The module also comes with an additional option for positioning in the product tab, which is the most popular choice for users in our experience.

You can also choose which pages of your website should display the comments. For example, you can put them on your Home, Checkout, Sitemap or Contact pages, and showcase client opinions instantly.

Adjust the colors, width and number of the comments

The module allows you the select from a Dark and Light comment scheme that helps the widget blend better with the rest of the design. The widget’s size is adjustable to fit your website’s structure and layout. You can also choose the number of comments you would like your customers to see.

Get email notifications and edit the comments

You will be notified for every comment users submit, depending on your preference. The module also allows you to edit the comments. This takes place entirely through Facebook with your Facebook App ID located in the settings menu of the module. You can check this post for a more detailed explanation of how to get your APP ID from the Facebook Developers page.

Final words

There is a lot to come from such a simple module. It’s installation is very simple and the usability is quite straightforward. We would love to hear what you think about the FacebookComments extension and how it’s performing for your online store. Let us know in the comments section below!

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