Get your customers back with AbandonedCarts

According to the forecasted global eCommerce revenue for 2015 will be $1.5 trillion. Sounds staggering right? But you know what is even more mesmerizing - the amount of money which online store owners will lose due to abandoned shopping carts. Based on a research conducted by Baymard Institute, the average cart abandonment rate for the last year is 68.07%, which equals the mind-blowing $3 trillion. Is this money inevitably lost? Not necessarily! Ecommerce marketing specialists are positive that, a clever and well executed email campaign will bring half of the clients abandoning their carts back. In order to make use of the professionals’ advice you need the right tool. AbandonedCarts, an intuitive OpenCart module, will help you build and automate your very own email recovery campaign in the best way you imagine.
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