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According to the forecasted global eCommerce revenue for 2015 will be $1.5 trillion. Sounds staggering right? But you know what is even more mesmerizing - the amount of money which online store owners will lose due to abandoned shopping carts. Based on a research conducted by Baymard Institute, the average cart abandonment rate for the last year is 68.07%, which equals the mind-blowing $3 trillion. Is this money inevitably lost? Not necessarily! Ecommerce marketing specialists are positive that, a clever and well executed email campaign will bring half of the clients abandoning their carts back. In order to make use of the professionals’ advice you need the right tool. AbandonedCarts, an intuitive OpenCart module, will help you build and automate your very own email recovery campaign in the best way you imagine.

Know your customers

AbandonedCarts  provides you with all the necessary tools to understand and react to your customers’ needs. Navigating to the module’s control panel gives you the opportunity to take a look at the list of orders which haven’t been completed. Here you are presented with useful information such as what the customer intended to buy, the last visited page and all relevant contact information. Guest customers are also taken into consideration. Once a guest customer fills the billing details, which include their email, AbandonedCarts logs this information as well.


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Having this information at your disposal, you just have to set up an action plan and try to regain the customers’ attention to your products. 

Create the perfect mail campaign

According to, an email campaign aiming to return some of the abandoning customers has a conversation rate of nearly 30%. Having that in mind, you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to get these 30% of your leaving customers back. Navigating to the “Mail template” tab of the module’s control panel lets you fine tune the perfect mail campaign according to your business’ needs. Enabling the “Scheduled task” option lets you automate the process of sending reminders to your customers. You can do that periodically or on a specific date set by you. 

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Setting up a discount hook is just as easy. Simply choose what type of discount you would like to use – fixed amount or percentage. Then choose the amount of the discount, its validity and the products which will be discounted.




Creating just the right message to your customers is also up to you. Just use the embedded mail form and give freedom to your creativity.



Use the collected information

Whether you succeed in gaining all customers’ attention back to your store or just some of them, you receive valuable feedback. Analyzing this information is not an easy task. This is where AbandonedCarts comes in handy once again. With its built-in statistics tool the module gives you the chance to measure the “success factor” of your campaign and adjust accordingly.




In conclusion

AbandonedCarts is an easy to use OpenCart extension offering multilingual and multistore support. It will provide you with the right tools to design, execute and monitor your marketing ideas, and  help you turn customers abandoning their carts into loyal buyers.

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