Customize your OpenCart on the go

  • Architect  - Customize Your OpenCart On The Go
  • Architect  - Customize Your OpenCart On The Go
Introducing Architect - The most advanced way of creating custom functionality in your OpenCart store

Architect is an OpenCart module for rapid extension development. It can be considered as an extension that provides access to OpenCart API to make a prototype, build a minimum viable product or specific custom function.

This is an extension that can be used by developers to write custom functionality for an OpenCart website quickly. It provides the most essential tools for it - a controller, model, template, event, and a modification file. Furthermore, it does not matter which theme you are using - it will work with all OpenCart templates!
  • Works With All Themes

    Works With All Themes

    Architect is fully compatible with all OpenCart themes.

  • Community Support

    Community Support

    This is a free extension and comes with community support only. You can get community support by accessing the GitHub page.

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