[iSenseLabs Weekly 55] New OpenCart Features & Fixes, Video Tutorials and Latest E-Commerce News

The week is at its end and it’s time for our latest OpenCart module updates. Since there is a platform update coming, we decided to act and two of our extensions are already compatible with the upcoming OpenCart 3.0 version - AbandonedCarts and PopupWindow.

We will soon start updating all of our extensions with the latest platform version, so stay tuned in the upcoming weeks and don’t miss the new stuff!

AbandonedCarts 5.5 (OC 2.0.3.x - 3.0.x)

Improvement: First official release that supports OpenCart 3.0

Improvement: Added fallback command if `which php` returns null when setting up CRON jobs

Improvement: Changes in the OCMOD file for better hooking in the core files

PopupWindow 2.3.5 (OC 2.0.3.x - 3.0.x)

Improvement: Compatibility with OpenCart 3.0

New Feature: Disable popup on desktop devices

Bug fix: Omitted check in catalog/controller

OrderFollowUp 2.4.2 (OC 2.0.3.x - 2.3.x)

Improvement: Added "SERVER_NAME" variable check and declaration for better CRON support

Bonus Section: Our Favorite Articles of the Week

11 Storytelling Formulas to Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing

By Buffer

The bond between storytelling and marketing has gotten so strong lately that you could say that the art of telling a story has become the essence of what modern marketers do. Being a form of art, telling a story is no easy thing, especially when talking from a marketing perspective where everything has to be simple and easy to understand by as many people as possible. But Buffer have a formula for that as well. 11 Formulas to be more precise.

The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Creating An Effective Robots.txt File For Your Blog

By Blogging Wizard

You may not know this, but you have complete control over who crawls and indexes your site, right down to individual pages. This is a complete guide on how to create a robots.txt file that lets you determine which pages of your site will be crawled and which ones will be ignored by search engines. Useful stuff.

9 Inspiring Success Stories by Leading OpenCart Business Owners

By TemplateMonster

It’s always motivational and inspiring to read a good success story. That’s what this collection is all about - 9 stories by owners of OpenCart stores who share how they got to where they are using the platform. What’s most important, each of them shares their own unique advice for beginning entrepreneurs.

iSenseLabs Internal Guide to Mastering Project Specifications for OpenCart

By iSenseLabs

Starting a custom project for OpenCart is just like starting a project for anything else - a lot of details, specifications and requirements to settle on before starting. This guide is meant for people who want to start a custom project, but need some guidelines to structuring their requirements so there’s smoother and easier communication between customer and developer.

Pick of the Week

A course on pricing and how to charge what you’re worth. Useful for any freelancer, whether you’re a developer, designer, writer, marketer, photographer or other.

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