Top 5 Most Essential Facebook Ecommerce Extensions for OpenCart 2.x

There’s no doubt that Facebook is one of the biggest leaps forward of the digital era. It is the largest social media platform in the world and it has done much more than just connecting people.

Some of the numbers behind Facebook:

Convenience and ease of access are becoming dominating factors in the digital customer experience of your brand.

With that in mind, you need to recognize the large user base of Facebook and how you can lift the barriers for them to access and use your business easily.

OpenCart is a free open-source E-Commerce platform that allows simple integrations with third party services. Services like Facebook.

We will show you 5 of the top OpenCart extensions that integrate a specific functionality to your online store.

They will let more than 1.7 billion Facebook users have effortless access, usability and purchasing options from your E-Commerce store.


By opening your Facebook shop, you open the doors for the billions of active users to purchase your products directly from the social platform. The orders will be logged in your OpenCart store so you can manage them just like you do with any other order made from your website.

FacebookStore ensures that your customers can shop securely and keep their information for future purchases through through Facebook. The entire shopping process happens without leaving Facebook, including the payment, shipping and order confirmation.

This is an example of how your Facebook shop might look once you have connected it with OpenCart.

Integrating the Facebook shop in your business page takes just a few clicks. You will have the option to choose which products and categories you want to include or exclude from the Shop section in your Facebook page.

Launch Your Facebook Store Now



The Facebook Messenger users amount to about 900 million as of April 2016 (BusinessInsider). If so many people chat with their friends via the app, there’s no reason why they cannot chat with brands as well.

A business starts growing when you start building relationships with customers and begin offering a personalized customer experience. The Messenger makes that not only possible, but much simpler than other communication channels.

It’s direct and it’s already a major part of our daily life. FacebookMessage is the perfect conversation starter that you can take to the Messenger and talk to your customers about products, orders, payment, shipping and anything else that will ease their shopping in your OpenCart store.

Integrate FacebookMessage Now



(Part of Social Media Bundle)

Logging in with Facebook is one of the simplest and most popular ways to skip the standard registration process in a website and sign up with just a couple of clicks. FacebookLogin uses the customer’s Facebook profile to establish a secure connection and create an account.

Store owners find FacebookLogin useful not only for the ease of access it allows, but for the option to select the type of information they want to collect about customers.

After installing FacebookLogin, you can adjust the login button style and position it anywhere on your website. The button gives your customers an instant and secure way to sign up in your E-Commerce store without all the hassle of creating a new account with yet another password to remember.

Install FacebookLogin Now



Embedding your Facebook business page right in your OpenCart store gives visitors an instant way to like and share without leaving the website. Promoting your page is important as almost half of Facebook’s users like brand pages to support the company. Part of them are interested in contests and sharing their experience with products or services, others do it to get discounts and promotions over social media (Syncapse).

Show your Facebook audience and activity on your storefront to gather more followers and engagement on social media.

Download FacebookPagePlugin Now



(Part of Social Media Bundle)

User generated content (UGC), or also known as customer reviews, is a total game changer when it comes to the conversion rates of E-Commerce stores. UGC breaks down a major barrier both for customers and store owners - the anxiety before purchasing a product online.

FacebookComments is a seamless integration that allows customers with a Facebook account to leave comments and reviews without having to log into your website. 93% of customers are ready to leave a review from a positive experience with a brand (Statista). If your customers want to do that for your products - make it as easy as possible for them.

Removing the customer’s fear of not knowing if the product will be what’s expected is a huge advantage, one that can be achieved with product reviews. The only way to see through the sugar coated product descriptions and perfectly retouched images, is if you check the reviews.

However, since not everyone is willing to go the extra mile to write and submit a review, it’s our job to make it child’s play. FacebookComments is even easier than that.

Get FacebookComments Now

Over to you

Have you been using Facebook enough for promoting your brand, expanding social following and customer engagement? If you have experience with using those tools, feel free to share your experience with us by leaving us a comment below!

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