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One of the most common sales request we had over the last year was a very simple one - a bundle with all iSenseLabs extensions. As we used to accommodate this need individually for you over email and per request, I am thrilled to share that last week we released a publicly available product! Meet OpenPack - a full-blown bundle of all iSenseLabs OpenCart extensions that provides extra features previously not available.


By purchasing OpenPack you get a full access to all of our extensions, themes and modules. What is more awesome is that each time we release a new extension, this automatically get added to your account as well, and for free! It will not be a hassle anymore to hunt for new extensions or new versions, if released - you have it.

We believe this offering of functionality base perfectly suits web agencies, freelancers, multi-store owners and all people building more than one store per year. 


OpenPack final price is discounted with more than $2200 of the total price of all extensions it includes. This is more than 72% of discount! What’s even better is that the real discount will continue growing as each new extension we release is automatically added to the pack.


When you purchase OpenPack or any iSenseLabs module you own the extension forever. It won't stop or change with the expiration of your support and updates license. It will just work fine. The only thing that lasts is the access to premium support and future updates and releases after your license expires.


All of our extensions are open source. A well written open source code with meaningful class names and methods.


The same great support you get for your individual modules is available for the OpenPack extensions. Our default premium plan features 48-hour ticket reply time as most of the tickets get answered within the first 8 hours. On benchmark this is way above the industry-standard first support reply of 22.2 hours (benchmark source).


With OpenPack you have the option to try installing extensions on your store you would not normally purchase or not sure of how they would function. You can also easily experiment adding features to your store and measure conversion and user feedback.  


The license renewal is optional and if you decide to go for it - it is half-priced! All existing customers enjoy 50% off on renewals, anytime.


All existing customers can upgrade to OpenPack at discounted price. The total price you would need to pay will deduct the already purchased active licenses you have, and you pay only the difference. If you like to upgrade to OpenPack please reach us on

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