Success Stories: Garlana growth in e-commerce

Meet Ricard Pons, owner of Garlana Restaurants and proud customer of iSenseLabs. Garlana is an example of successful expansion from brick-and-mortar only to profitable online business. This week I met him in place in Barcelona, as he was very happy to share his journey in e-commerce with me.



Tonight was a special night for us.

Two years ago we embarked on a new project. People who knew us, the people who liked us, friends and family, told us we were crazy, that we were going to crash, that our new project wouldn't work out.

It was simple, nothing new, we didn't invent anything ... but we did run it. We decided that we had to retrieve the customers who stopped coming to our restaurant, for whatever reason, at all costs. These customers and more. We focused on marketing our restaurant products for home delivery.

We created a fleet of motorists to deliver to all of Barcelona. But we were missing the most important thing... A new platform for online sales (e-commerce) that was easy to manage, agile and fast.

After some research we found iSenseLabs, a company specializing in e-commerce. Then was easy.



Online sales were a new world for us but iSenseLabs made them so easy for us. From beginning to end they created a custom home delivery platform for us and that made it possible for us to take off.

Our first year sales accounted for 20% of our turnover. After a year, this increased 35% and with this increase iSenseLabs guided and advised us on how to make sustainable growth, create customer loyalty and go further.

They implemented extensions, modules, and custom integration that made it possible for the customer to place an online order in just three clicks. And not only that, but they created a customer follow up for our preferred customers in order to pamper and offer them discounts and special promotions.




The success of a business, large or small, is in knowing how to delegate. And part of our success has been to delegate our e-commerce part to a proper company. Certainly, without them, I doubt all of this which our living would be possible.

Ricard Pons,



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