Seven Ideas for Personalized Customer Experience in eCommerce

As in real life, most of your online visitors will visit your shop without buying anything. This would be an e-commerce store as a store front place, where anonymous people go to checkout products and fraction of them decide to buy. The other bigger part of visitors leaves without a note or even saying good bye. Imagine now that you assign a personal consultant to each one of your visitors that guides them throughout their personal motivation of being on your website. Each customer will get a tailored experience, and your conversion rate will go up dramatically, and this Mojn data backs it up. In short - one size does not fit all, focus on personalization. In this blog post I will give you a few ideas how you can personalize the experience of your shopping cart.


Product builder is a set of interactive steps the customer should take to personalize a product. Usually the product builder is a custom-built software specifically working for your personalizable product. Examples of shopping carts with product builders are Casetify and SkinIt.


Talking to your anonymous visitors on a pre-sale level cuts the distance to sale. Having a one-tap inline chat is a good idea if you can afford an agent to answer all the questions and inquiries. The two popular chat services here are Zopim and Olark


Creating personal product offers can be achieved in different ways. One of the tools you can use to do this in OpenCart would be the LoginToSeePrice free extension available. This extension together with the OpenCart native functionality would allow you to set different prices for customer groups and therefore create personal experience. Alternative to this would be "login to see your personal discount approach" where you can apply discounts to customers when they have logged in.


By detecting the geo-location of the visitor you can offer specific content to the place where the visitor comes from. A popular implementation of this is redirects to local stores based on the IP address of origin of the visitor. Good example here is Microsoft Store.


Send personalized greetings to your customer for a special personal moment like a birthday. If using OpenCart you can use BirthdayReminder to automate these personalized messages.


Sending personal messages, both emails and SMS contribute to the overall personal contact with your customer. Using the customer name and data if needed is a must for achieving this experience. Emails are native for almost every shopping cart platform, as for short messages you can uses services like


This is a personal message to an user that has tried to checkout products on your site but has not made it to the end. Practical example of this behavior is the AbandonedCarts module by iSenseLabs.

Your site uses a different personalization tools? Shout out in the comments below.

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