ProductBundles Q&A

ProductBundles is one of our most popular modules and we are constantly getting questions about it. In this post we will answer to some of them with hope that after you read it you will have better understanding of how the module works. 

1. Why my discount is not applied to the shopping cart?

This is one of the most asked questions from our clients. ProductBundles works with an order total module and in most cases the customers have not activated it. Basically, what you have to do is:

  1. Open you OpenCart administration.
  2. Go to Extensions -> Order Totals and find ProductBundles.
  3. Install and  activate the extension.

That’s it! Now the customers of your store will see the discount in the shopping cart. However, we also suggest our clients to set the Sort Order option to 2 in the extension settings, so the customers will see the discount right after the Sub-Total value.

2. Why the module is showing bundles on all product/category pages?

One of the main features of ProductBundles is to show specific bundle(s) to a given product or a category page. By default, when a customer of a given store opens a category/product page with no bundle’s assigned, the module will choose a random bundle and it will display it.

Some of our customers want to disable this functionality, but they do not know how and think of this as a bug when the solution is quite easy. You just have to open the ProductBundles’s settings, navigate to tab Bundles and disable the option Show random bundles. That way, when a customer opens a page with no bundle assigned, the widget will simply not show up.

3. How to add the module widget to the OpenCart layouts?

If you are using OpenCart 1.5.x, you have to open the tab Control Panel and set the widget to the desired layouts. However, if you are using OpenCart 2.0.x, you will notice that the functionality is missing. We removed it, because in the new version of OpenCart this is configured from the Layouts page. Basically, you have to go to System -> Design -> Layouts and pick the layout in which you would like to add the widget from ProductBundles. When the page is loaded, you have to click on the plus button to add a new module field. Then you should choose ProductBundles and the position (Content Top, Content Bottom, Column Left, Column Right) that you want to enable the widget. That’s it! 

Keep in mind that this is not especially for ProductBundles, but for each module you install on a OpenCart 2.0.x.

4. The price of the products in the admin panel is different than the one in the store front. Why?

The confusion comes from the fact that there are not any taxes applied in the admin panel because there is no logged customer in the admin. Therefore, the prices in the administration are without taxes, while the ones which are showing up on the front-end have applied taxes. So keep that in mind when you calculate the discounts.

If you do not use taxes, then the prices should be absolutely the same.

5. I am adding the same bundle twice but the discount is applied only once. Why?

There is an option in the module’s settings from which you can choose if the discount should be applied only once or every single time for a bundle which is added in the shopping cart more than once. You can find in the tab Control Panel under the name If a given bundle is added more than once in the cart.

In conclusion

ProductBundles is a complex extension and you have to go through all settings in order to know how to get the maximum from it. Almost everything is customizable and well-explained. I hope that this post will answer most of your questions. Still, if there is something else you would like to know, feel free to use the comments section below.

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