Stop Losing Money with AbandonedCarts for OpenCart 3 (+8 Emails that Work Flawlessly)

If you’re already running on OpenCart 3, you’ve probably encountered more than a few orders that were ditched by potential customers.

But worry not.

There are tools that are developed for solving or at least minimizing those orders.

Cart Abandonment Reasons

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Statistics show that the main reasons for users to leave their orders unfinished are related to costs.

But what more can you do besides maintaining competitive pricing or offering free shipping (which not every online business can afford)?

We’ll tell you what.

First, be persistent in reminding your customers they left their orders. Second, give free shipping or discounts when you’re sure they will be used and appreciated.

AbandonedCarts is one of the tools that allows you to do that and it’s now compatible with OpenCart 3.

AbandonedCarts for OpenCart

The magic of AbandonedCarts is that it brings customers that have left their orders unfinished back into your store.

You can use the extension to setup an email automation system which will notify users that they have left items in their carts without checking them out.

Tracking abandoned carts

Tracking Abandoned Carts in OpenCart

AbandonedCarts keeps records of all the orders that were left behind, whether they were from guests or registered customers.

Respectively, you can use the blue Send reminder button to either send the customer a predefined email template, or create a custom one specifically for them.

This is just a glimpse of what you can do with the extension.

Scheduling email reminders

Cron jobs

With the task scheduling settings, you can set a periodic or fixed date email automation schedule.

It will send reminders to your cart abandoners whenever you command it to.

A common rule of thumb is to wait a bit after the customer abandons their cart and send the first reminder between the 1st and 3rd day after they left.

If the customer doesn’t take any action after the first reminder, you can try again with a special offer for free shipping or a limited time discount.

Creating the email templates

Email Template

You can create unlimited mail templates and enable or disable each of them.

You have the flexibility of setting:

  • When the email will be sent after the customer abandons the cart

  • The type, amount and validity of the discount

  • Enable the discount for specific products only

  • Enable or disable a free shipping incentive

  • Require customer login or not

The template itself can be personalized with the rich text editor so you can create different and unique templates.

Let’s give a few example of successful cart abandonment email templates to get you inspired for your own strategy.

All the templates were taken from, so make sure to check them out for tons of email marketing inspiration!

#1 Asics

What Makes it Work:

If you added something to your cart, it means you really want it, even though you abandoned your order. Asics obviously know that and are not afraid to use it with the teasing “Still thinking about it?” message on top.

To enhance the power of their email, they add an urgency element with the “Checkout now for FREE SHIPPING” message below the CTA button.

#2 Dyson

What Makes it Work:

This email by Dyson wants to keep you calm at first, reassuring you that your cart is not lost. It allows a simple way to continue your checkout, but if you notice - there’s something more important below that.

Two things actually. First, the reminder that this order was part of a limited promotion and you need to complete your order now to take advantage of the discount. And second, the link to chat with one of their experts in case you have something to ask before ordering.

#3 Canopy

What Makes it Work:

Seeing price drops for a store you’ve been interested in is always a sure way to get you to browse their products and your cart again.

Canopy even give you plenty of options to choose from within the email template itself with the price differences in their discounted products. Simple implementation, yet very effective.

#4 Brooklinen

What Makes it Work:

You have great taste…” is a charming way to at least get your attention when scanning through an email.

And it leads to the good old Free shipping incentive. One of the most powerful sales techniques in E-Commerce.

#5 Saatchi Art

What Makes it Work:

In case you’ve been shopping for original artwork and suddenly you get an email from one of the stores with a discount just for you, things change immediately. And 10% off is not something to miss when it’s about bigger prices.

And in case you’re not already seduced by the discount (doubt it), there are some more works of art below that might get your attention.

#6 Google Store

What Makes it Work:

Google knows everything, right? Well, it obviously knows how to use urgency and scarcity in an elegant way. Their main message in this email is that the stock is running out on the product the customer added to their cart before leaving their store.

And another additional incentive - the free shipping in the top right corner. Offering to ship the order for free plus the scarcity element is a pretty powerful way to get the sales going faster.

#7 Winc

What Makes it Work:

The copywriting in this email template is its most powerful element. Nothing generic, everything is strictly personal. The wine belongs in your home.

Not only that, but Winc also give you a $20 discount on your first order. No biggie, but here’s 20 bucks off, so let’s do this.

#8 Dote

What Makes it Work:

Unlike any of the other examples, Dote actually rely on humor to get you interested in their offer. You can almost feel bad for the items and their abandonment issues.

Humor is established to have great power in marketing if used appropriately. What does appropriately mean in this case? Use it in moderation and only when it’s natural. People always feel when humor is forced.

Bring those customers back!

So, to summarize, all E-Commerce stores suffer from cart abandonment issues. Thing is, not all of them do something about it. It makes all the difference if you decide to take action where your competitors are failing to act.

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