New Features, Module Fixes and Latest News. iSenseLabs Weekly #6

Welcome to this week’s updates. We are happy to announce new versions for NitroPack and OCWP, so check out what’s new and enjoy our top picks of the week below.

NitroPack 1.6.6 (OpenCart 1.5.2.x to 1.5.6.x) and NitroPack 2.3.6 (OpenCart 2.x)

Improvement: Better cache synchronization when using CRON.

Improvement: Better mobile support.

Improvement: Use the client's user agent in fetchRemoteContent() if possible.

Improvement: Reduce the number of database queries.

Improvement: Faster cache checks.

Improvement: The inline CSS and JavaScript excludes now support the {{NitroPack}} tags.

Bug fix: Fix an issue with the casing of the type attribute on the script tags.

Bug fix: Fix an issue with extracted inline styles.

Bug fix: Fix an issue with empty script tags.

Bug fix: Fix an issue with missing argument to the minify() function.

Bug fix: Fix an issue for OpenCart when there are items in the cart.

Bug fix: Fix an issue with the browser cache when and the supported cookies.

Bug fix: Fix an issue when there are more than one instances of the <html> or <body> tags.

Bug fix: Fix an issue in the DOM parser with empty spaces between attribute names and their values.

Bug fix: "The Keep HTML comments" option was not working. It does now.

Removed: The support for Rackspace CDN via FTP is now deprecated.

NitroPack 2.3.7 (OpenCart 2.x) and 1.6.7 (OpenCart 1.5.2.x to 1.5.6.x)

Improvement: Improvements in the DOM parser.

OCWP 1.1 (OpenCart 2.0.1.x - 2.1.x)

New Feature: Added a "Re-install Plugins" button, which allows you to update the WordPress plugins, which are installed by OCWP. Very useful when updating from OCWP 1.0.x to OCWP 1.1+.

New Feature: Added front-end method module/ocwp/test for debugging purposes by administrators and OCWP developers. Tech support for OCWP will be now even faster.

Improvement: OCWP now does three attempts to locate any WordPress installations. The OCWP WordPress finder will give up after 25, 55, 115 seconds respectively, since some servers have very slow I/O.

Improvement: Minor admin panel user interface improvements.

Improvement: File path slashes are now always resolved to "/". This improves compatibility of OCWP on Windows-based servers.

Bug fix: The "OCWP Login/Logout" WordPress plugin no longer assumes that OpenCart and WordPress are in the same database. User data is now getting properly pulled.

SmartNotifications 2.2.1 (OpenCart 2.x)

New Feature: You can now upload custom icons for each notification.

Improvement: Improved category detection logic.

SuperQuickCheckout 1.5.2 (OpenCart 1.5.4.x to 1.5.6.x)

Bug fix: Discard button now deletes from database.

ComingSoon 2.0.3 (OpenCart 2.x)

Bug fix: Show the ComingSoon page only if you are not an admin user.

EmailVerification 1.2 (OpenCart 2.x) and 1.1 (OpenCart 1.5.x)

Bug fix: Fixed an issue which prevented already existing users to log in after the module is installed.

FreeShippingTeaser 2.3 (OpenCart 2.x)

New Feature: FreeShipping method regards cart weight.

New Feature: The tax on the FreeShipping total price can be enabled or disabled.

New Feature: The amount left to be spend can be displayed with or without added tax.

Improvement: Total and Subtotal checks when calculating the cart total.

Improvement: When the FreeShippingTeaser shipping method is disabled, the admin gets a reminder to turn it on.

Bug fix: When the FreeShippingTeaser shipping method is disabled, the store notifications are not displayed.

MaintenanceMode+ 2.2 (OpenCart 2.x)

New Feature: Custom image can be set as a background.

PreviousNextProduct 2.2 (OpenCart 2.x)

New Feature: Added Journal Compatibility.

DiscountOnLeave v2.0.6 (OpenCart 2.x)

Improvement: Now the session variable is set only when the visitor interacts with the popup.

AdminRename 1.0 (OpenCart 1.5.x)

Initial release for OpenCart 1.5.x

AdminRename 2.0.1 (OpenCart 2.x)

Bug fix: Folders are properly renamed now.

Improvement: Now there are requirements for the folder (numbers, letters, underscore or dash).

Bonus: Our favorite articles of the week.

The Intersection of SEO and CRO (How to Maximize Long Term Growth)

by ConversionXL

Search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization are often difficult for businesses to synchronize and put them both to good use in harmony. The truth is that SEO and CRO contribute to each other, but the way they are implemented is different. CRO includes improving UX, content quality, etc, while SEO includes link building, keyword research and much more. Bottom line is, your efforts should be distributed equally for both strategies.

Improve Your Email Content With a 7-Minute Workout Routine

by Content Marketing Institute

A content marketing strategy without a properly designed email campaign is usually a lost cause. CMI perfectly describe the process of tuning up your email strategy with an infographic including basic, intermediate and advanced methods for creating a rock solid campaign.

2 Ecommerce Image Tips that Increase Sales Conversions

by Hubspot

A short article that briefly explains some basic rules about E-Commerce image editing. One of the tricks is about white or negative space in the photos, leaving only the product as the main focus of the image. Overall, it’s a handy starter’s guide to get the most out of minimal image editing efforts.

Ecommerce Blogging - Why and How To Start Right Now

by iSenseLabs

Blogging is one of the greatest things ever created, starting in the early 90s. To this they, they are growing, and the blogging population comprises of millions of people worldwide. Adopting blogs in your business growth and marketing strategy is one of the most effective ways to establish authority and show your unique identity.

Pick of the Week

Free High Resolution Photos by Unsplash

Unique free images are always awesome. For us, Unsplash are a great source for that and wanted to share the beauty of the world with you as well.

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