How to Install and Remove Extensions in OpenCart 3.0

With the introduction of OpenCart 3.0.x, we saw a lot of major changes and new features to the E-Commerce platform.

Managing your extensions and OpenCart themes is one of the things that will be different from now on.

If you haven’t already downloaded the latest version, you can do it here:

Download OpenCart 3.0 Here

Let us show you how to install and uninstall modules in your OpenCart store using the brand new integrated Marketplace and the improved Extension Installer.

To begin, go to your OpenCart Admin and then open your Extensions menu.

OpenCart 3.0 Marketplace

OpenCart 3.0 Marketplace

First, you’ll see the Marketplace.

To begin using it for new extensions and themes, you will have to setup your Marketplace API.

First, go to your OpenCart account here.

Then go to Your Stores to register your shop.

OpenCart Account

You can add all of your sites if you are running multiple OpenCart stores.

Click the Add Store button to continue.

OpenCart 3.0 Store

Enter your store domain and click the Submit button to continue.

Once you submit your store, you can view your API Information.

This is where you get the API Username and API Secret for your Marketplace API settings.

OpenCart 3.0 API Info

Go back to your OpenCart admin and click the yellow button at the top right corner of the Marketplace.

OpenCart 3.0 API

Enter your API details here and click Save.

You’re now ready to start using the OpenCart marketplace and install themes and extensions!

This is the layout of the marketplace, and as you can see it’s pretty easy to use. We are likely to see more improvements to it in the near future as well.

OpenCart 3.0 Marketplace basics

Apart from the search bar, you can filter themes and extensions by categories as well as All, Free, Paid and keep a log of your Purchased tools.

Important For Developers:

To make your extensions part of the new 3.0 marketplace, you need to go to your account and enable the modules for the new versions of the platform.

After you add the downloads, there will be a processing period during which the OpenCart team will review your extension and add it to the marketplace.

OpenCart 3.0 Submit Extensions

Now, let’s open the free Mastercard module to check out how a module page looks like and how to install the extension.

Extension Product Pages

OpenCart 3.0 Extension Page

This is how the product page of an OpenCart module looks like. On the right side, you have the basic extension details, such as price, rating, support and documentation info.

You can also see the extension developer details and how many times the module has been sold or downloaded.

How to install extensions via the Marketplace

Below the extension images and screenshots, you will see four tabs - General, Documentation, Download and Comment.


The general tab contains all of the product details and extension specifications, including any marketing and promotional materials.


This is where you can find out whether the extension comes with a documentation and how to find it.


This is where reviews of the module will be logged.


This is where you install the extension via the OpenCart 3.0 marketplace straight to your store.

Click the Install button and wait for the Progress bar to notify you of the successful installation.

OpenCart 3.0 Marketplace Install

After that you will be able to find the new module in your Extensions > Extensions section.

In our example, we installed a payment gateway, which is why we will find it in the Payments section:

OpenCart 3.0 Extension Payments

Find your brand new extension and hit the Install button to complete the installation.

OpenCart 3.0 Mastercard

That’s it!

So, this was the way to install extensions via the Marketplace.

Let’s see how to install them the manual way using the Extension Installer.

OpenCart 3.0 Extension Installer

OpenCart 3.0 Extension Installer

You remember the Extension Installer from the previous OpenCart versions. In 3.0, it’s interface is improved and there is a new addition:

Install History

This will be the log where you will be able to track all of the modules and themes you install in your OpenCart store.

To install an extension using the Installer, simply:

  1. Click the Upload button

  2. Find, select and upload the file you would like to install

OpenCart 3.0 Module Installation

Almost done!

You can now find your new module in your Extensions > Extensions section.

To finish the installation, find the new module in your Extension list and click the green Install button.

This completes your installation.

Important: Some extensions require you to refresh the modifications (Extensions > Modifications > Refresh) after you install them. You will be able to use and configure the extension only after that.

Uninstall Extension

The first step is to Uninstall the extension from Extensions > Modules.

This will remove all the changes to your OpenCart website made by your extension.

After that, go to the Installer.

OpenCart 3.0 Uninstall

To uninstall an extension in OpenCart, go back to the Installer, find the extension in the Install History and click the red Uninstall button.

No more deleting files manually, it’s all done with a single click.

Video Tutorial

OpenCart 3.0 Marketplace Overview - Installing and Uninstalling Extensions


These are the two ways to install extensions in OpenCart 3.0. Soon, we will show you how to install and configure themes in the new version of the platform. Stay tuned and let us know if you have any questions in the comments below!


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