[Infographic] The Top 8 Customer Experience Trends in 2016

This is a guest post by David Younger whose author bio will be at the end of the article.


This visual guide shows us the eight trends in customer experience that businesses are likely to focus on this year and in 2017.

Ranging from technologies that offers self-service such as store kiosk and mobile apps, to Internet of Things and use of social media platforms to engage with customers, these trends are all set-up to spice up the overall customer experience this year 2016.

Top 8 Customer Experience Trends in 2016

Author Bio:

David Younger - CEO and Managing Director at The Service Manager

David Younger is Australia’s #1 Cash Flow Expert for The Field Service Industry. Over 25 years working with hundreds of field service business owners in virtually every industry, David has discovered the ultimate path to plugging up the “profit holes” in a growing business that will take it to the next level.

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